Cyprus Apartments

Cyprus apartments offer the perfect complement to the country's hotels, and they can be found in all the top destinations ranging from affordable to luxury apartments in Cyprus. Where you can expect to find hotels, you can often expect to find apartment rentals. In addition to offering more space than your standard hotel room, the bulk of the Cyprus apartments also offer added amenities. This is especially true in the luxury apartments. Regardless of whether you rent one of the luxury apartments in Cyprus or a more affordable unit, you can expect to have kitchen facilities. This might be the biggest advantage of them all when it comes to choosing an apartment over a hotel room.

For those who like to cook, having kitchen facilities on a Cyprus holiday is the perfect option, especially if there's an opportunity to visit a local produce market. The kitchen facilities that the Cyprus apartments boast can also come in handy for families that don't want to keep heading out to restaurants. As valuable as a kitchen or kitchenette can be, they aren't the only amenities that travelers can expect to enjoy in the Cyprus apartments. Many of the apartments that are available for rent across the island, such as those in Larnaca, fall into the mid-range category and are well equipped. Ample furnishings are provided, and other typical amenities include satellite or cable TV, a DVD player, a CD player, internet access, and a patio or balcony. Private laundry facilities are another amenity that most of the apartment rentals in Cyprus have.

When you rent an apartment in Cyprus, it will most often be part of an apartment complex or apartment hotel. This usually translates to added amenities that can be found outside of the apartments themselves. The apartment complexes, whether they are affiliated with hotels or not, often feature a swimming pool, a hot tub, and a fitness room. As such, you won't be missing out on some of the perks that the hotels and resorts have to offer. As you might expect, the luxury apartments in Cyprus can be found at the more complete and exclusive apartment complexes. Many of these upscale complexes are gated, offering added peace of mind in terms of overall safety.

When it comes to selecting an apartment rental in Cyprus, the amenities aren't the only thing to consider. There's also the location of the apartment. The self-catering apartments in Paphos are among the most popular with tourists, partly because of the fact that they offer proximity to beaches and historical sites such as the Tombs of the Kings. The Kato Paphos area is the main tourist area, and it's a good place to start if you're interested in a Paphos apartment. In addition to being close to the beach, the apartments at Paphos complexes like the popular Regina Gardens are also close to shops and nightlife.

Paphos isn't the only place to look if you are searching for apartment rentals in Cyprus. The Limassol apartments can come in handy when a visit to the south-central coast is in order. The main port in the country can be found at Limassol, so you might need a place to stay before you hop on a short cruise to the Greek Islands, and there are plenty of great beaches in the area. Not far from Limassol is the archaeological site of Kourion, and the city is also great for side trips into the mountains of the Troodos Range. In addition to the Limassol apartments, those who are looking to enjoy some time on the tourist-friendly southern coast of Cyprus can also consider the apartments in Agia Napa. This eastern resort is renowned for its party scene.

Should you round the southern coast near Agia Napa and head up the east coast of Cyprus, other popular resort towns can be found. They include Protaras and Pernera. These resorts are essentially linked to one another, and they are full of apartment rentals. They are also full of hotels and resorts. Families and couples are more apt to enjoy some time in Protaras or Pernera, while the younger, single crowd is likely to prefer the more raucous nature of Agia Napa. Limassol apartments are also popular with families and anyone else who is looking to enjoy a central location on the southern coast.

These are just some of the destinations to consider when searching for Cyprus apartments. There's also the capital city of Nicosia, though the apartment rentals there are not always intended for tourist use. Should you venture into North Cyprus, the Kyrenia area is home to some attractive apartments. An apartment on the charming Kyrenia Harbor can make for a good base in North Cyprus, especially if sea views are part of the deal. Driving along the scenic coast, venturing into the scenic Kyrenia Mountains, and enjoying the area beaches are just some of the things that you can do in the Kyrenia area when you're not relaxing in your spacious and well-equipped apartment.



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