Cyprus Beach Hotels

Cyprus beach hotels come in many different shapes and sizes, and while some are luxurious, many fall into the more affordable mid range. There aren't a lot of budget hotels on the beach in Cyprus, though holiday package deals are out there if you're interested in saving some money. Cyprus beachfront lodging isn't limited to hotels, as there are a variety of enticing resorts to choose from. Visitors can also consider booking a beachfront apartment, or a larger beachfront home for that matter. There are lots of good beach destinations to choose from in Cyprus, and they are all at their busiest during the hot summer months.

The peak summer season sees increased rates at most of the Cyprus hotels. This includes the beach hotels and resorts. Booking your Cyprus beachfront lodging in advance is recommended during the peak season, and at some beach hotels, it's required. Paphos and Protaras can be found on different sides of the southern Greek region, and they are easily some of the most popular beach resort destinations on the island. The bulk of the Cyprus beach hotels in tourist popular destinations such as these cater to the package tour groups, though independent travelers shouldn't have too much trouble finding a place to stay. The Paphos hotels and resorts line the coast. North of the city, Coral Bay also offers a variety of accommodations to choose from. Some of the best luxury Cyprus beach hotels can be found in Paphos. They include the Intercontinental Hotel at the five-star Aphrodite Hills Resort and the smaller gem of a boutique hotel that is the Thalassa Hotel. If you're looking to save money, the Kefalos Beach Tourist Village in Paphos is one of the best overall values when it comes to hotels on the beach in Cyprus.

In addition to five-star hotels such as the Capo Bay Hotel, the Protaras area on Cyprus's east coast is home to plenty of attractive four-star establishments that are keen on amenities and service. They include the Sunrise Beach Hotel and the Iliada Beach Hotel. For those looking to spend less, the more affordable Andreotis Hotel is a good value. As is true of most of the Paphos hotels and resorts, these establishments offer resort-like amenities and plenty of fun activities for their guests to enjoy. The activities at most of the hotels on the beach in Cyprus cater to adults and kids alike, and watersports equipment is often available for rent either at the hotel itself or at a nearby pavilion. The bulk of the Cyprus beach hotels offer air conditioning, satellite TV, and other amenities that can a pleasant stay. Rooms with sea views are especially attractive.

There is a lot in the way of competition when it comes to Cyprus beachfront lodging, and the numerous hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals tend to offer enticing amenities in the hopes of attracting guests. Beachfront rentals, in particular, come in the form of apartments and villas. Paphos is home to apartments and larger villas that visitors can rent, as are the beaches in and around cities such as Larnaca in the south and Kyrenia in the north.

Not as many tourists flock to the North Cyprus beaches for an extended holiday, though there are some good beach hotels and rentals on the north coast that also deserve consideration. The Almond Holiday Village Hotel in Kyrenia is an excellent beach hotel, for example, though you will have to pay a small fee to access the area beaches. Famagusta and its environs can also be a good place to search for North Cyprus beachfront lodging. Most of the visitors that are searching for Famagusta hotels eventually look north to Salamis Bay, as it's where the more attractive beach hotels and resorts can be found, including the upscale Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel and the cheaper Majestic Beach Hotel.

Finding hotels on the beach in Cyprus isn't hard, as there are so many ideal destinations near the water. The renowned party resort of Agia Napa, for example, boasts a good beach lodging scene. Since the bulk of the Cyprus beach hotels cater to tourists, they tend to provide ample amenities and good service. Some even go as far as offering car rental desks, a tour desk, and a small market for sundries. As far as getting to your beach hotel or vacation rental, many offer airport pickup services that can be especially convenient. Airport shuttles are also available if you need to arrange your own transportation, and you can always rent a car at the airport.

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