Cyprus Hotels

Cyprus hotels offer something to fit most tastes and preferences, with the upscale resorts and beach hotels figuring among the most popular accommodations in the country. If the lofty rates at the five-star hotels are out of range, there are plenty of attractive four-star establishments that offer a considerable amount of amenities and overall facilities. The also numerous three- and two-star Cyprus hotels rounding out the scene, offering budget-minded travelers some more affordable lodging options. It's important to note that many Cyprus hotels can be booked through a holiday tour package, with all inclusive rates and half-board rates available to those who are interested.

The upscale beach resorts and beach hotels that can be found in Cyprus are some of the most attractive hotels in the land, and they offer the most complete facilities. One of the best hotels in Cyprus is the Elysium Hotel, and it can be found near the popular resort of Paphos. In addition to a small private beach, the Elysium hotel boasts a world-class spa, an attractive free-form swimming pool, a pair of tennis courts, and a state-of-the-art gym. A number of fun activities can be enjoyed at upscale Cyprus beach hotels, and the Elysium even offers scuba diving courses that guests can take advantage of. Should the rates at five-star establishments such as the Elysium Hotel be too high, four-star hotels such as the Athena Royal Beach Hotel can save you some money. The Athena Royal Beach is one of the most popular hotels in Paphos, as is the Kefalos Beach Tourist Village. The latter is an especially good option when it comes to overall value.

The Paphos hotels include many of the best hotels in Cyprus, and the Paphos area is also home to some of the country's most attractive apartment and villa rentals. In other words, Paphos is an excellent place to look for Cyprus lodging when variety is the name of the game. There are even some enticing bed and breakfasts in the area that are known for their traditional appeal and their relaxing settings. Much like the beach hotels and resorts, bed and breakfasts figure among the most popular accommodations in Cyprus. Most of the Cyprus B&Bs can be found in the hills or mountains, and they tend to come in the form of traditional homes that have been lovingly restored.

Most of the best hotels in Cyprus can be found in the Greek southern region. If you are interested in hanging out on the southern coast as opposed to the west coast, the Limassol hotels and the Larnaca hotels offer some enticing alternatives to the Paphos hotels. As far as luxury Cyprus hotels are concerned, the Four Seasons can satisfy the needs of discerning travelers who wish to enjoy everything that Limassol has to offer, as can the smaller Londa Hotel (pictured). On the cheaper side, Cyprus lodging establishments like the Atlantica Bay Hotel can save Limassol visitors some money over the more expensive options. The Mediterranean Beach Hotel is another worthy Limassol hotel when value is the name of the game. Over in Larnaca, visitors can opt to stay at one of the hotels in town, such as the four-star Sun Hall Hotel on Phinikoudes Beach. They can also stay at one of the beach hotels along the coast of Larnaca Bay, with the Golden Bay Beach Hotel being a fine, five-star option.

Heading east of Larnaca, the resort destinations of Agia Napa and Protaras are home to more of the best hotels in Cyprus, especially if you're up for fun in the sun. The beach hotels in Agia Napa include the popular Nissi Beach Holiday Resort and the slightly more affordable Napa Mermaid Hotel and Suites. As for the Protaras hotels, the Golden Star and the Capo Bay Hotel figure among the frontrunners. If you can't afford the rates at the more expensive hotels in Agia Napa or Protaras, cheaper area hotels are available. The Domniki Hotel in Protaras, for example, can help travelers stay on top of their budgets with its relatively low rates.

Heading north of Protaras on the east coast, it doesn't take long to get to Famagusta. This is one of the largest and most important North Cyprus cities. While the downtown Famagusta hotels leave a lot to be desired, the beach hotels and resorts to the north at Salamis Bay have plenty to offer. The hotels in Turkish North Cyprus tend to be less luxurious than the hotels in the Greek southern region, though Salamis Bay is home to some upscale lodging establishments, such as the sprawling Salamis Bay Conti Resort. One of the other places to search for North Cyprus lodging is Kyrenia. This city has a beautiful harbor, and visitors will have access to good area beaches and picturesque mountain villages. Kyrenia is found on the north coast, with the capital city of Nicosia being found a relatively short distance away to the south.

Nicosia is split between the Turkish north side of the city and the Greek southern side. Both sides are home to some great attractions. There are many Nicosia hotels to choose from if you're interested in visiting the capital. The Hilton Park Hotel is one of best Cyprus lodging establishments, and it can be found near the heart of Nicosia. As is true of the beach resorts, the Hilton Cyprus offers a considerable amount of facilities for guests to enjoy. For travelers who want to spend less on their Nicosia lodging, the Asty Hotel is especially attractive, as is the affordable Centrum Hotel.

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