Scuba Diving on Cyprus

Scuba diving on Cyprus vacations can be a most rewarding pursuit, especially since some immaculate dive sites can be found off the coast of this Mediterranean island, ranging from amazing reefs to wrecked ships. The wreck of the Zenobia tops the list of Cyprus dive sites, and many divers consider it to be one of the best dive sites in the world.

The Zenobia is a sunken cargo ship that met its fate off the coast of Larnaca in 1980, and it remains much like it was when it went down. Divers can observe its cargo, as well as the variety of marine life that lives in and around the artificial reef. Amberjack, grouper, barracuda, and conger eels are just some of the underwater creatures that you can expect to see when scuba diving on Cyprus vacations, and you're also likely to spot some rather large tuna.

While sunken ships are responsible for the bulk of the artificial reefs that can be found off the coast of Cyprus, there are also some natural ones that are laden with soft corals. One of the best is the Amphorae Reef off the coast of Paphos. A large ship is beached on the reef, and the pottery that it was carrying is spread all about. The pottery found at Amphorae Reef actually came from a number of ships that met their fate on the coral-laden structure. Some of the best Cyprus dive sites can be found off the coasts of Larnaca and Paphos, so serious divers might head to these destinations first. Limassol is also an excellent place to arrange a diving excursion, especially if spotting large squid sounds interesting.

While Paphos and Limassol are great places to go scuba diving on Cyprus vacations, Larnaca might just be the destination of choice. In addition to having easy access to the wreck of the Zenobia, those who choose to go diving in Larnaca can also visit the Helicopter Wreck. This dive site is home to a wrecked British helicopter, not to mention octopus and a variety of fish. When you go diving in Larnaca, you won't be limited to the sites found just offshore. You can also head to other great Cyprus dive sites, even those that are found in North Cyprus.

Famagusta is one of the best places to arrange a North Cyprus diving excursion, though it isn't the only option. There are some diving centers in the Kyrenia area as well, and they offer proximity to an array of excellent Cyprus dive sites. Some of the best dive sites near Kyrenia are known as Zephyros, the Wall, and Paradise. These sites consist of a series of reefs and can be enjoyed by divers of all levels. You can even visit these sites at night if you please. During the day, it's easier to observe the stunning cliffs that can be found at these North Cyprus dive sites.

Diving is one of the top things to do in Cyprus, and visitors who are interested in exploring the underwater realms will find a number of dive operators across the island. Since Cyprus is relatively small, it's easy to get around to all the top dive sites. As such, serious divers might go diving in Larnaca one day, then head north to Kyrenia the next. Cyprus diving is relatively safe, as the currents are usually tame and the lack of natural perils limited.

Deep sea diving in Cyprus can be enjoyed by experienced divers, while beginners can stick to shallow sites. The Amphorae Reef of Paphos is only around fifteen feet below the surface at some points, so beginners might start there. Coincidentally, you can also go snorkeling in Cyprus when you're not diving deep with a tank on your back.

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