Cyprus Festivals

Cyprus festivals and events include the lively Carnival, but there are many more to consider. Limassol is home to the premier Carnival celebrations in the land, and it also hosts a renowned wine festival. For music lovers, the Bellapais Music Festival is one of the festivals in Cyprus that is worth adding to the itinerary, while art enthusiasts might plan a trip around the International Famagusta Culture & Art Festival. Special Cyprus events are held throughout the year, so travelers usually have the chance to enjoy one or more regardless of which month they visit.

Of all the Cyprus festivals, Carnival is the biggest, with the city of Limassol hosting the main celebrations. Carnival in Limassol lasts for eleven days, and it is held between late February and early March. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the Limassol Carnival, with the kid's parade being a big hit with the little ones.

About a month and a half after Carnival ends, Cyprus gears up for Easter. Major religious holidays are big Cyprus events, especially in the Greek southern part of the country. As is true in Greece, Easter is the main religious holiday in southern Cyprus. Lamb is at the heart of most Easter Sunday feasts, and it is usually roasted in an oven or barbecued on a spit. Some families make an Easter break for the beach where they enjoy picnics.

The various events and festivals in Cyprus revolve around any number of things. Back in Limassol, the Wine Festival attracts more than its fair share of visitors over the course of a week in late August and early September. The city's municipal gardens set the scene for this celebration of wine, and visitors can enjoy lovely views of the Mediterranean while they savor their food and drink. As is true of so many Cyprus festivals, the food is plentiful at the Limassol Wine Festival, as is the dancing and music. Those who attend the Limassol Wine Festival are known to have access to a healthy amount of free wine, and the overall atmosphere can be pretty hedonistic.

While there are many Cyprus events to choose from, some are more renowned than others. In addition to Carnival, Easter, and the Limassol Wine Festival, those who are interested in enjoying one of the more renowned festivals in Cyprus can also consider attending the Bellapais Music Festival. This is one of the main festivals up in North Cyprus, and the village of Bellapais is the site. Actually, the historic abbey in Bellapais is the main site for most of the musical performances. The Bellapais Music Festival is held in May and June. If you can't make it to this festival to enjoy the live performances, don't fret. Concerts in Cyprus are held throughout the country and throughout the year, and they can range from traditional concerts and Jazz shows to virtually anything else you can imagine.

Opera enthusiasts, for example, might move the Aphrodite Festival in Paphos to the top of the list. Every year, a classic opera is chosen for the Aphrodite Festival, and it is performed in the open air under the stars. Serving as the backdrop for the performance is the sturdy Paphos Castle. This castle was originally built in the 1200s. While the Venetians eventually dismantled it, the Ottomans restored it, keeping with the medieval theme.

These are just some of the Cyprus festivals worth considering when planning your holiday, and there are many others that might be an even better match for what you have in mind.



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