Cyprus Ferries

Cyprus ferries are relatively limited in number, as the companies that used to offer regular service from Greece to the Greek part of the island suspended their services in 2001. This indefinite suspension of the ferry service from Greece to Cyprus was mostly due to unrest in Israel, as Israel was the terminus for these ferry routes. Consequently, the only ferry routes to Cyprus are those that link mainland Turkey with the Turkish region that is North Cyprus. Daily ferries link southern Turkey with North Cyprus, so travelers from the UK and the rest of Europe don't have to fly down if they don't want to. Should you be coming from London, for example, it's possible to take a train to Istanbul. From there, you will again take a train to the ferry port at Tasucu.

When you take a ferry to North Cyprus, you will arrive at the north coast city of Kyrenia. There are some splendid attractions in and around Kyrenia, and they include spectacular castles, charming mountain villages, and inviting beaches. Should you plan on heading south to the Greek part of the country after arriving at Kyrenia on one of the Cyprus ferries, it's generally recommended that you avoid having your passport stamped. This could lead to issues in the Greek region, or the Republic of Cyprus as it is officially known. This region does not recognize the North Cyprus ports, and it has been known to deny entry to travelers who get their passports stamped at Kyrenia. Cyprus has suffered from a tense political situation ever since the Turkish invasion of 1974. Thankfully, relations between North Cyprus and the southern Greek region have improved in recent years. Hopefully, more ferry routes to Cyprus will be established in the near future, though time will tell. Time will also tell if the Cyprus ferries that used to depart for Greece will be reinstated.

The ferry routes to Cyprus from Greece have been suspended indefinitely. There is also no ferry from Cyprus to Greece. There are cruises, however. This more or less makes up for the fact that you can't take a ferry from Cyprus to Greece. The Cyprus cruises depart from the southern city of Limassol. They are generally limited to a few days and feature a small collection of destinations, including a couple ports of call in the Greek Islands. A cruise from south Cyprus to Rhodes can always make for an interesting couple of days. It's important to note that the cruises that originate out of the Greek Cyprus city of Limassol can not be used to exit the country. In other words, you'll have to return to Limassol with the ship.

While you can't take a ferry from Cyprus to Greece, or vice versa, there are some other options for those who don't want to fly. The cruises between Greece and Cyprus are just one option. Another option, at least for those who are coming from England, is to hop on a Cyprus-bound freighter. The freighter cruises from England to Cyprus depart from Southampton, and they generally allow for around fifteen passengers. A stop in Salerno, Italy usually figures on the itinerary for these freighter trips, and the trips tend to last around two weeks. As for the Cyprus ferries that can be boarded in Turkey, they can take anywhere from two to five hours to execute their routes depending on whether you take a fast ferry or a conventional one.



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