Cyprus Flights

Cyprus flights can depart from any number of countries, with England and Greece being two popular points of origin. Travelers can board a flight to Cyprus in most of the major European cities, and it's also possible to fly to this island republic from the Middle East. If you're coming from the United States, you will need to make a layover, and more often than not, that will be on the European continent. After that, it's off to one of the two main Cyprus airports. Plenty of holiday package deals are out there, so if you're interested in cheap flights to Cyprus, these packages are worth checking out.

The two main airports in Cyprus can be found in Larnaca and Paphos. Both of these cities are popular with tourists who are planning on spending some time in the southern Greek region. Should you be interested in flights to Northern Cyprus, where the culture is predominantly Turkish, then you will arrive at the quieter Ercan Airport. The Cyprus flights that arrive in the northern Turkish region either originate out of Turkey or land their first before finishing their journey. It might soon be possible to catch direct flights to Northern Cyprus from such places as the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries in the near future, with other destinations to likely follow.

Since your airfare will likely consume a large part of your Cyprus travel budget, searching for cheap flights to Cyprus can be a good idea. In addition to seeing what the holiday packages have to offer, those who are looking to save some money on Cyprus flights can also choose to visit outside of the peak summer season. As is true of the rates at the hotels and resorts, the ticket prices for Cyprus airfare tend to go up during the summer months. Spring and fall are excellent times to visit the island, as is winter for that matter, especially if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, and flight deals are common during these seasons. Some of the holiday packages, regardless of the season to which they apply, include airfare, and discounts are typical.

Whether you are interested in cheap flights to Larnaca or saving money on your flight to Paphos, there are deals to be had. Many of the flights to Paphos are charter flights from Europe. Savvy travelers will keep an eye out for deals not only through the major airlines, but through the charter companies as well. Charter flights can sometimes have an empty seat or two, and the charter companies often sell these seats at the last minute for a good price. After all, they would rather make some money rather than none. Students can sometimes get special deals on both charter flights and flights with the major airlines, so if you're armed with a student I.D. card, you can expect to save at least a little money.

Unfortunately, those who are searching for cheap flights to North Cyprus won't have as many charter flights to choose from. That being said, the number of flights to the Turkish region is due to increase, so deals should become more attainable. Should you have cheap flights to North Cyprus in mind, the flights that originate in Turkey depart from a handful of airports, so you might compare the rates. Booking well in advance is one of the best ways to find cheap flights to Cyprus, regardless of which region you're planning on flying to, as it will allow you plenty of time to compare flights across the board.

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