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Cyprus holidays are popular, particularly among residents of the European Union, and there are many reasons why—from the beaches here to the options for cheap holidays to Cyprus. For starters, this island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea has a fantastic history, as can be evidenced by such historical sites as the Tombs of the Kings and the ancient city of Kourion. In addition to enjoying a number of historical attractions, visitors can also soak up some sun on the country's numerous beaches. Beach holidays to Cyprus are best enjoyed during the hot summer months, with July and August being particularly popular times to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Most Cyprus holidays involve time at the beach, and for those who want a different perspective, heading into the mountains is always possible. The Cyprus mountains, whether they are the high-rising Troodos Mountains or the smaller and more rugged Kyrenia Mountains, are excellent for hiking. Interestingly enough, skiing and snowboarding are two mountain activities that can be enjoyed during the winter months. For those who might not know, plenty of Cyprus holidays revolve around skiing or snowboarding, so this isn't just a summer destination. In fact, there really isn't a bad time to pay the island a visit.

Cyprus is split between the Greek southern region and the Turkish region that is North Cyprus. On North Cyprus holidays, travelers might find themselves feeling like they've been whisked off to Turkey. The language and food reflect the Turkish ties, and the region can be a fascinating place to explore. When you're not hanging out in cities such as Famagusta or Kyrenia on North Cyprus holidays, you can venture off to the protected Karpas Peninsula. This peninsula juts out into the Mediterranean Sea on the island's northeast side, and it is home to the most idyllic beaches in the country. Since there isn't a lot in the way of accommodations on the Karpas Peninsula, many visitors pay the tranquil beaches a visit on a day trip.

Most beach holidays to Cyprus are actually based in the Greek southern region, with the resorts of Paphos and Protaras being especially popular places to enjoy some quality beach time. Other coastal cities in the southern region that offer access to some good beaches are Limassol and Larnaca, and for those who want to enjoy a heavy dose of nightlife, the resort of Agia Napa is not to be missed. The beaches at the main tourist destinations tend to be crowded during the summer months, and they can be good places to rent watersports equipment. Jet skiing, snorkeling, and sailing are activities that can typically be enjoyed along the coast, and banana boat rides are on offer at the top tourist locales.

While you can always go snorkeling on beach holidays to Cyprus, scuba diving is also an option. Cyprus is an excellent diving destination, as the waters that surround the island are home to fascinating marine life, a number of engaging shipwrecks, and natural reefs that are covered in corals and sponges. Scuba diving excursions are relatively easy to arrange on a Cyprus getaway, with Larnaca being one of the best places to start your underwater adventure.

Cyprus holidays offer something for everyone, and while travel is relatively expensive on the whole, there are ways to secure some deals. Cheap holidays to Cyprus can be enjoyed during the winter off season, as this is when the bulk of the country's hotels drop their rates considerably. Flights are also cheaper during the winter season, and you can always hope to save some money by booking a holiday package regardless of the time of year. Holiday packages usually include deals on everything that they include, so they are worth keeping in mind when cheap holidays to Cyprus are the aim.

Late deals to Cyprus are often available, so you don't always have to arrange everything long in advance if you want to save some money on your trip. As for travelers who want to enjoy Cyprus luxury holidays, it's worth noting that the spa industry is on the rise, especially at the upscale resorts and beach hotels. There are also plenty of five-star accommodations to choose from across the land.

A number of companies offer luxury holiday packages that Cyprus visitors can take advantage of, and these packages can include anything from upscale accommodations and airport transfers to guided tours and luxury car rentals. Most Cyprus visitors take advantage of the convenience and money-saving deals that the holiday packages have to offer, and there's bound to be one that fits your taste and preference, even if you're not intending on going the luxury route.

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