The city of Larnaca is one of the hottest destinations in Cyprus, and if you're flying into the country, this is where you will likely arrive. Larnaca, also spelled Larnaka, is home to the largest and busiest airport in the country, the other main airport being found near Paphos. The second largest commercial port can also be found here, and anyone who is sailing to Cyprus can dock their boat at the private marina. The marina has a variety of facilities, and it can accommodate more than 400 yachts. Regardless of how you get to Larnaca, the city offers plenty of things to do.

Larnaca can be found on the southern coast of Cyprus between Limassol and the renowned party resort that is Agia Napa. Agia Napa is the closer of the two destinations, and it can make for an excellent side trip when some lively nightlife is in order. Back in Larnaca, the nightlife is pretty good itself, so a trip to Agia Napa might not be necessary. The city is home to some good clubs, and the strip along Larnaka Bay is known to host various beach parties that are often advertised. If you're not up for the clubs or the beach parties, strolling along the picturesque Larnaca Promenade can be rewarding at night. Thanks to the city's interesting dining scene, starting the night off with a good meal can be part of the plan.

There are lots of interesting things to do in Larnaca, and when the sun comes up, many visitors put their walking shoes on. The central Larnaca hotels offer proximity to all the main sights in town, and they can be great places to start walking tours. Before you head out on your own on a walking tour, you might enjoy one of the informative tours that are offered by the city. They are free and serve to provide visitors with general knowledge on the city's layout and history. As is true of most Cyprus destinations, Larnaca has a storied history that goes back thousands of years.

Many of the top Larnaca attractions are historical ones, and there are some excellent museums that offer insight into the city's history and culture. The magnificent Church of Lazarus is one of the main attractions in the city, and it's also one of the most interesting Orthodox Churches in the country. Built in the ninth century, the Church of Lazarus is in remarkably good condition, thanks in part to various renovations over the years. Lazarus, who according to legend was raised from the dead by Jesus, eventually settled in Larnaca and was eventually buried here. The church that bears his name was supposedly built over his tomb, though the remains were reportedly removed and sent to Constantinople (now Istanbul) and then to Marseille, France. Visitors can observe the empty Tomb of Lazarus, which can be found under the main alter. On a visit to the Church of Lazarus, visitors can also stop by the Byzantine Museum, where an interesting collection of artifacts can be found.

Historical Larnaca attractions abound, and visitors might be interested to know that the city was built over the site of Ancient Kition. Some modest ruins of Kition have been uncovered just outside of town, though visitors who are interested in learning more about the site might be better off heading to the Archaeological Museum. Interesting relics from Kition are on display at this Larnaca museum, as are a variety other items that offer insight into the history of Cyprus. The Pierides Archaeological Foundation Museum is one of the other great Larnaca attractions for those who are interested in history. Among the highlights at this fantastic museum are the Cypriot folk art displays and the Howling Man. The former is a renowned statue that dates back to around 5,000 B.C.

These are just some of the options for things to do in Larnaca, and there are plenty more ways to stay busy. The city is home to some good beaches, including Phinikoudes Beach, and those who head further east will find even better beaches to relax on. Strolling along the attractive Larnaca Promenade is a good way to fill some time when you're not sunning and swimming. Tall palms line this seafront avenue, and some good shops and restaurants are within easy reach. For serious shoppers, picking up some of the famous lace products in the nearby Lefkara villages can be a great way to spend the better part of the day.

Larnaca travel is popular for a reason, and the city can make for an ideal base for at least a few days. In addition to everything else, this is one of the best jump-off points for Cyprus scuba diving expeditions, thanks in part to the numerous dive sites found just offshore.



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