Tombs of the Kings

The Tombs of the Kings is one of the top attractions in Cyprus, partly because of its historical appeal and its all around mysterious nature. This large necropolis dates back to the third century BC, and it was originally used to entomb elite members of the ancient city of Nea Pafos. While the name might imply as such, royalty were not entombed at the site. The appellation has more to do with the impressive architectural style of the tombs. Doric pillars help to support the structures, and they also lend to the architectural appeal. Spread out over a relatively large area, the Tombs of the Kings is open to the public, and any and all Cyprus visitors are encouraged to drop by for a look.

The Tombs of the Kings in Paphos got its name from early antiquarians who were so impressed by the architectural designs that they saw fit to award the site with a special name. Residents of the ancient city of Nea Pafos used the Tombs of the Kings all the way up until the third century AD, after which early Christians began using them for dwellings, workshops, and even a chapel. In addition to Doric columns, some of the tombs at this archaeological site in Paphos Cyprus also feature frescoed walls. The tombs are all cut out of native rock, which is part of the reason why they are so fascinating, and the early Greek architectural styles that were employed hint at their age.

Paphos is one of the top tourist destinations in Cyprus, and many visitors come to enjoy the spectacular area beaches. When these visitors need a break from the beach experience, heading to the Tombs of the Kings can be an excellent way to spend some time. The Mediterranean Sea is close to the site, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore is often the main sound that visitors will hear. The terrain is desertous in appearance, and the tan color of the necropolis complements the deep blue color of the sea.

There are eight complexes that visitors can explore at the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos, and they generally require at least a couple of hours to explore. For those who don't have time to tour all of the complexes, numbers three, four, and eight are arguably the most fascinating. Unfortunately, most of the tombs at this archaeological site in Paphos Cyprus were visited by grave robbers before major excavations began, so there aren't tons of artifacts to take in. It's the site itself that is the main attraction, and exploring the ruins gives visitors a true sense of history.

When visiting the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos, it is a good idea to bring a hat to block the sun and a full bottle of water. It can get hot quick when exploring the vast site, especially on warm days, though the coolness of the tombs can help offset the heat. Since it can get quite warm at this renowned archaeological site in Paphos Cyprus, visitors are also encouraged to drop by for a look in the cooler morning hours. Coincidentally, anyone who is interested in the Tombs of the Kings is also likely to enjoy the nearby ruins at the Pafos Archaeological Site. These ruins are of the ancient city of Nea Pafos, and visitors can easily spend the better part of a day exploring them. As for the Tombs of the Kings, it can easily be reached by bus from the tourist center of Paphos (Kato Pafos) for those in need of cheap and reliable transportation.



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