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Cyprus tours can include any number of rewarding experiences, and many tourists look to take advantage of them. A variety of companies offer tour packages in Cyprus, and these packages can include more than just tours. They can also include accommodations and airport transfers, not to mention flights. If you aren't interested in a full tour package, it's possible to book Cyprus tours once you arrive. For those who are staying at one of the Paphos hotels, for example, a guided tour in the Troodos Mountains can make for a fun side experience. The mountain tours in Paphos usually include a visit to the Kykkos Monastery. This is the most renowned archaeological site in the country, and it boasts the excellent Byzantine Museum.

If you book one of the more complete tour packages in Cyprus, your accommodations at one of the country's resorts or hotels will usually be included. The bulk of the Cyprus visitors, at least those that are staying at the main beach resorts, choose to book holiday tour packages that are either all inclusive or close to it. Depending on the package that you choose, an array of side tours can figure on the itinerary once you arrive. In Paphos, trips into the mountains aren't the only option. You can also visit the Tombs of the Kings, enjoy a sailing charter that highlights Aphrodite's Rock & Beach, or sample some wine at an area winery. Similar Cyprus tours can also be enjoyed at some of the other main resort destinations, including Protaras.

The south coast of Cyprus is popular with tourists, as destinations such as Limassol and Larnaca offer a range of delights. In Limassol, the tours of Ancient Kourion are hot commodities, and over in Larnaca, a trip to the Lefkara villages can be ideal. The Lefkara mountain villages are not only picturesque and charming. They are also some of the best places to shop for the country's most renowned export, and that's the famous Lefkara lace. Coincidentally, those who are traveling through Turkish North Cyprus might also find mountain village tours to be rewarding. If you prefer hiking to visiting villages, mountain hiking tours can be arranged in both the northern region and the southern Greek region. Spring is arguably the best season for Cyprus mountain hiking, thanks to the blooming wild flowers.

When you're not trekking in the Cyprus mountains on a tour, you can see what the city streets have to offer. City walking tours in Cyprus are popular, and they can be either guided or independent. In the capital of Nicosia, a guided walking tour might be more attractive than an unguided one, as the split between the Turkish side and the Greek side can be confusing to deal with. More often than not, visitors to the capital stay on one side, limiting their experiences to what's at hand. The Old City is where the best Nicosia walking tours are found, as it is full of fantastic historical sites, not to mention some good museums that can offer insight into the country's history and culture. Coincidentally, you can always book isolated museum tours if you haven't already booked a more complete tour that includes a museum stop.

The tour packages in Cyprus offer something for everyone, including diving enthusiasts. The diving tours in Cyprus can last anywhere from a few hours to a day or more. Often, these tours combine diving with other activities, such as swimming and sightseeing. Larnaca is arguably the best place to arrange diving tours in Cyprus, as the famed wreck of the Zenobia can be found near its harbor. If you're not planning on heading to Larnaca, diving tours can also be arranged at destinations such as Paphos in southern Cyprus, and Kyrenia in North Cyprus.

Regardless of the kind of Cyprus tour you choose to enjoy, it will only add extra depth to your trip, and you can always book a variety of tours if you want to enjoy various experiences. Diving tours in Cyprus can be ideal complements to mountain tours, for example. Whatever you have in mind, there are tour packages in Cyprus that can meet your needs. Horse riding, bird watching, and paragliding tours are just some of the other options when it comes to Cyprus tours, and a guided Jeep safari can be an excellent way to take in the native wildlife.

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