Climate in Cyprus

Climate in Cyprus is just one of the things to consider when trying to decide when to take your trip. The summer months are the best if you want to head straight to the beach, and this is when the country's glorious beaches fill up. May through October is the extended peak season for Cyprus travel, as the spring and fall can be good times to do some sightseeing. The Mediterranean climate in Cyprus means that the spring and fall months are relatively warm, with temperatures usually hovering around the 70s. The mountains are cooler than the central plain and the lowland coastal reaches, and when it's especially hot during the summer, many tourists and locals alike head to the highlands for some relief.

In the lower elevations of Cyprus, the summer temperatures generally vary between 71 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit. As you head into the mountains, specifically those of the higher-reaching Troodos Range, the heat subsides and gives way to more comfortable conditions. Whereas the temperatures usually stay in the 70s during the spring and fall months, they drop into the 50s and 60s during the winter months. January and February are the coldest months of the year, and wintry conditions are often present in the mountains. In fact, if you like to ski or snowboard, winter might be your prime tourist season in Cyprus. Winter skiing and snowboarding are actually popular winter activities on this Mediterranean island, with the central Troodos region being home to some of the best runs.

All of the Cyprus seasons have their charms, and you might choose to visit the country during different seasons to get the full experience. Whereas some of the beach hotels and resorts close down during the winter season, those that stay open tend to drop their rates. This is also true of some of the inland hotels, including those that can be found in some of the country's scenic villages. Those who wish to save some money will also find that spring and fall can be agreeable Cyprus seasons. The rates aren't as low as they are during the winter months at many hotels, but they are still usually cheaper. The winter, spring, and fall months all see fewer crowds than the summer months, which is also worth keeping in mind when trying to decide when to go to Cyprus.

After you consider the climate in Cyprus and the kinds of activities that you want to enjoy, then you might consult the country's annual events calendar. The Carnival celebrations in Cyprus are renowned, with Limassol being the heart of the action. Limassol is also known for its August and September wine festival. If you like wine, the Limassol Wine Festival can easily influence your decision about when to go to Cyprus.

All of the Cyprus seasons have something to offer, and when it comes down to it, there's really never a bad time to pay this curious country a visit. Between Turkish North Cyprus and the southern Greek region, there are a variety of beaches and historical attractions to enjoy, and both the north and south boast attractive mountain ranges that can used for recreational activities throughout the year. As glorious as the Cyprus landscape is, so too is its weather. The sun is almost always shining here, so a good pair of sunglasses is something that you should pack, even if you're planning a winter visit.

In addition to wondering when to go to Cyprus, you might be wondering what to pack. This will have a lot to do with the climate in Cyprus. Warm clothes, namely a jacket or coat, are appropriate for the winter months. You might also pack a jacket during the spring, summer, and fall months if you plan on spending time in the highlands since it gets cooler the higher you go. A lightweight sweater can also come in handy. As for the summer months, lightweight fabrics and light-colored clothing are best to help beat the heat. A good hat, some mosquito repellent, and those trusty shades are also must-bring items for a summer visit to Cyprus.

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