Czech Republic Airports

The Czech Republic airports that are most often used for international flights are in Prague, the capital and largest city, and in Brno, the country’s second largest city. These are Ruzyne International Airport in Prague and Brno-Turany Airport in Brno.

The Prague airport is a large modern facility with ready access to a variety of car rentals, a convenient airport shuttle service, and hotels. The Brno airport is not as new or large and does not handle as many international flights, but still offers good facilities, services, and a sophisticated infrastructure.

The Karlovy Vary International Airport is a very modern facility that services one of the most popular destinations in the country. This town is world famous for its Golden Age spas, thermal hot springs, mineral springs, and lavish bathhouses dating to the beginning of the nineteenth century. If it were not for the rich history of the spas, this surely would have remained one of the Czech Republic airports that is just a small backwater facility. Instead, it is a gleaming modern facility with service to Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, Rhodes in Greece, and Antalya in Turkey.

Several other airports in Czech Republic provide regular domestic service, so it is fairly easy to get quickly around the country. Nonetheless, unless you have booked vacation packages that include transportation, you will find that car rentals are most convenient to get to some areas that are not close to an airport. Fortunately, you will find these available at whatever airport you land at. Other airports in Czech Republic include Ostrava, Pardubice, and Vodochody. These places don’t often appear on the itineraries of tours, but they are central to regions where tourists do visit.

While there is a good flow of visitors who come overland across the borders of Poland, Germany, and Austria, it is Prague airport where the largest percentage of international visitors to the country first arrive. For many, this is also the last place they see when they depart after their vacations. There are all the services and comforts here that one expects of any large and modern international airport. There is plenty of shopping, comfortable waiting areas, and dining venues.

This is the best of the airports in Czech Republic and virtually every major international airline has service to this city. There is no rail or metro service into the city, but a wide choice of inexpensive shuttle transportation by bus, private taxi, or minibus. The journey takes about 30 minutes to travel the little more than five miles, depending on traffic and final destination. There are a number of very good luxury hotels right at the Prague airport, including several internationally known four-star chains. Because the airport is so very close to the city, this makes an excellent place to overnight if you are arriving very late at night or departing very early in the morning.

Some Czech Republic airports aren’t actually in the country at all. Both Linz and Vienna in Austria are only 25 and 35 miles from the country’s western border. You might use one of these two airports if you are going on walking or cycling tours in the Sumava National Park. The very modern Dresden, Germany airport is only about twenty miles from the northern border where there is some excellent skiing.



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