Czech Republic Airport Shuttles

Most Czech Republic airport shuttles for tourists are taxis of one type or another. There is some Czech Republic airport transportation via public bus or metro, but these methods require visitors laden with luggage to transfer, or do some walking to get to and from the stops or both. The majority of arriving visitors prefer private taxis or Czech Republic airport shuttles that will take them directly to their hotels or other final destination.

The good news with this is that prices for all services in the country are quite reasonable compared with Western Europe countries, so even a door to door private taxi is not generally unreasonably priced. This is especially true for airport transfers in Prague as the main airport is only about eight miles from the city center and the most desirable Prague hotels.

Transportation time for Prague Airport shuttles will take you approximately 30 minutes. It could take a bit longer in heavy traffic and depending on your final destination. This is one city where airport transfers in Prague can be reliably and cheaply accomplished on public transportation (bus). It is clean, safe, and convenient. The only consideration is the walking required while carrying luggage. You can buy tickets at the Public Transport Information booth right in the airport, or pay a slightly higher rate directly to the driver. For Old Town Prague, use Metro Line A/Bus 119; this goes to the Dejvivka Metro Station (the last stop) where you can use the same ticket for a metro ride to your final destination. Metro Line B/Bus 100 takes you to New Town.

Like the Prague Airport shuttles on public transportation, those from Brno Airport are also by bus. You can purchase a ticket at the Brno Airport Information Centre, and you buy them in increments of 30 minutes. A 60-minute ticket is sufficient to get to your Brno hotels. Be sure to punch your ticket as soon as you board the bus.

If you want Prague Airport shuttles with a minimum of walking, then you will want a private taxi, shuttle company, or hotel service. Private taxis are either sedans or minibuses, and are the most expensive. When you leave the arrival halls, you will see taxi stands outside. It is important that you use a taxi company with an official stand here in order to avoid being ripped off.

To eliminate this consideration, book your airport transfers in Prague in advance of your vacations with an airport shuttle company. These work much like shuttle companies in the United States, using vans that hold eight to twelve passengers, dropping them off and picking them up at different points.

You can also use the shuttle service provided by your Prague hotels; most of the best ones have this option and they generally also must be booked in advance. Some of the better hotels have complimentary service. Others may charge a fee, which can generally be charged to your hotel bill. In fact, Czech Republic airport shuttles can be arranged by your hotels in all places where tourists spend their vacations. Additionally, if you have booked vacation packages, all airport transfers and place to place transfers are normally included.

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