Czech Republic Castles

There are literally dozens upon dozens of Czech Republic castles to see and explore. Some are much more popular than others but nonetheless each has its own intriguing features and unique appeal. Prague Castle, visited by millions of people each year, is the most renowned and magnificent of all castles in the Czech Republic. It is one of the most ancient symbols in and of the nation and is one of the largest and most complex castles in the world. Founded in the ninth century by Prince Borivoj from the Premyslid Dynasty, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prague Castle comprises a variety of architectural styles including both Gothic and Neo-Gothic designs as well as Roman-style sections.

Hluboká Castle is another of the oldest Czech castles, constructed around the mid-thirteenth century. It is situated in the Bohemia region and considered to be one of the most beautiful of all castles in the Czech Republic. The carvings and ornate craftsmanship found throughout Hluboká Castle, paired with works from European master painters, create a backdrop that is simply unbelievable. Throughout Hluboká visitors will find an endless number of rooms that include a grand library, numerous reception rooms, an awe-inspiring dining hall, Morning Drawing Room, and a Gothic Revival chapel. This is one of the Czech Republic castles that passed through the hands of many aristocratic families. It has been owned by King Ferdinand I and Jan Adolf I of Schwarzenberg. The castle was eventually deserted by a grandson of Schwarzenberg during Nazi occupation and was claimed by the Czechoslovakian government in 1947.

Lednice Castle is one of the most admirable Czech castles in the country. Construction on Lednice began in the Middle Ages. The castle was reputed to be connected with the famous House of Liechtenstein, a prominent family with ties to late Bavarian landlords. Lednice Castle has undergone numerous metamorphoses, much like many other Czech castles, adopting the most modern architectural styles through a barrage of reconstruction over the years. Presently, Lednice Castle features Neo-Gothic architecture dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. Rich wood carvings are evident throughout the entire castle, from the intricate hand railings on the sweeping staircases to the high beam ceilings found in every room. Lednice also features a provincial park surrounding the property, an impressive French garden and many notable temples. Exploring the area is one of the top things to do after a visit.

Karlstejn is another of the Gothic castles in the Czech Republic and one that used to be a safehouse for the Imperial Regalia. The history surrounding the castle is interesting. It was used for safekeeping holy relics, Bohemian jewels and countless other imperial treasures. Less than 30 kilometers from Prague, Karlstejn enjoys many visitors willing to make the short trek. Karlstejn remains one of the most famous and often visited Czech castles today. There are numerous other castles well worth visiting during Czech Republic vacations, especially for anyone with the time for extensive country tours. Konopiste Castle originated as a medieval castle and has since been redesigned into a Baroque chateau, surrounded by thick, lush greenery and sitting adjacent to a gleaming lake.

Anyone interested in castle tourism will undoubtedly love the Czech Republic. The remarkable number of Czech Republic castles further the exploration into the nation's past and highlight many fascinating eras filled with intriguing characters. Spilberk Castle in Brno, Bouzov Castle in Olomouc and Cesky Sternberk Castle are just the beginning. The many castles in the Czech Republic offer a glance at times gone by in a nation that has undergone many transformations over the years. For a real treat, stay at one of the many castle hotels and experience a night of magical lore, fairytales and true affluence.


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