Cesky Raj

Also called "Bohemian Paradise," Cesky Raj Czech Republic is renowned for awe-inspiring natural beauty. Many travelers head toward the mountain ranges of this natural preserve from Prague, less than one hundred kilometers away. Excellent Cesky Raj camping and other area accommodations make vacations here pleasant and convenient. Geographically, Cesky Raj is bounded by nine distinct regions including Sychrov, Kopanina, Semily, and Jicin. The scenic area is flanked by the Giant Mountain foothills.

It is Cesky Raj's geological history that makes it so unique and beautiful. Shifting of tectonic plates have revealed many geological anomalies, natural gemstones, sandstone structures, incredible rock formations, lush forests, and bountiful wildlife. These natural attractions create the best hiking area in the country. Well-known as a romantic destination, many Cesky Raj hotels now offer plenty of great vacation packages that can include outdoor activities like hiking and cycling tours.

Turnov is the central starting point for exploring Cesky Raj Czech Republic. Around this area there is a small, but good selection in Cesky Raj hotels. One hotel is an old castle, Hruba Skala, that exudes an old, European charm. Turnov is the closest to the center of Cesky Raj offering the most convenience for tourists getting out to explore. Jicin is considered the gateway to Cesky Raj, and though it's a little farther away from many of the attractions, the town is more pleasant and offers a few more modern hotels. There are also plenty of historical attractions and old, Gothic churches to explore. Cesky Raj hotels are also referred to as pensions, a term often used throughout Europe. Once mainly built of wood, Jicin was rebuilt after a devastating fire in the later eighteenth century and is comprised of mainly stone now.

Cesky Raj camping is available adjacent to the park. The campground offers campsites for visitors to pitch tents or a choice in rustic cabins. The Main Hall is the center point of the Cesky Raj cabins, and offers guests a simple selection in meals and other snacks. Don't expect any luxury or gourmet dining here but do anticipate discovering the natural beauty surrounding the entire area. The area in and around Cesky Raj is simply breathtaking and exudes a sort of ethereal quality. Cesky Raj camping trips are a great way to really relish in the surroundings.

Mountains, castles, rivers, folk architecture, and chateaux are seen all around. A wealth of mystery and intrigue awaits visitors to Cesky Raj. Trosky Castle and the network of rock corridors and caves underneath are surrounded by fables and fairy tales. The castles and passages together comprise one of the main area attractions. They are shrouded in history relaying back to the mythical Celtic people who were part of the initial settlements.

Hruboskalsko is one of the best-known "rock towns" in Cesky Raj Czech Republic. More than four hundred rock towers can be explored throughout the five defined areas within Hruboskalsko. The specific areas include Chateau Gulch, Dragon Rocks, Little Valleys, and Bandmaster. All around the area tourists will find precious stones in the volcanic rock like jaspers and agates, stones with which many locals make a living from.

After enjoying the many things to do in Prague, a trip to Cesky Raj is certainly a must for natural lovers. The limited choice in Cesky Raj hotels only exemplifies the underdevelopment of the area, a limitation necessary to properly protect this rich preserve. Take a step closer to nature and immerse yourself in the landscape with a Cesky Raj camping experience, which is comparable to nothing else in the country. Excellent public transportation systems make getting to Jicin and Turnov quite easy and affordable. The many things to do present plenty of ways to explore this beautiful nature reserve and discover all the natural wonders surrounding it.

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Cesky Raj

Cesky Raj

Also called "Bohemian Paradise," Cesky Raj Czech Republic is renowned for awe...

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