Czech Republic Cycling

Czech Republic cycling is very rewarding for a number of reasons. The network of paved back roads is quite sophisticated, and there is little traffic on most of them. These roads connect many charming villages and towns that are full of history and important monuments. Along the way, cycling tours in the Czech Republic pass by beautiful medieval castles and opulent chateaux.

Czech Republic biking also offers a diversity of landscapes, from deep forests and winding river valleys to rolling hills dotted with vineyards and wineries. Most of the country’s terrain is gentle enough to accommodate novice riders, but there are enough mountains to provide Czech biking tours with challenges for the more adventurous. If you are dealing with a reputable company, their tours will be graded depending on scale of difficulty—from novice and moderate to difficult and challenging. You should also be able to have flexibility to change the level of difficulty if you find a tour is too easy or too demanding for you after you begin. All the services in the country, from dining costs to shopping, are less expensive here compared to Western European countries, so you will find that Czech Republic biking gives you great value for your vacation dollar.

Cycling tours in the Czech Republic are generally either guided or self-guided. On guided tours, a qualified bilingual guide cycles along with the group, handling logistics and providing expert commentary on the sights and attractions along the way. In almost all cases, a support vehicle will back up the group for the entire itinerary, and you are able to ride in the vehicle for periods when you’d like a rest. Self-guided Czech Republic cycling tours obviously come without the guide, but the participants are provided with maps (often a GPS).

Both these kinds of Czech Republic biking tours are almost always vacation packages. Accommodation at hotels have generally been made in advance. There is no back up vehicle for the self-guided tours, but a vehicle does carry luggage from stop to stop. Generally, lodging is in boutique hotels, small pensions, or hostels. Entry to certain museums or other attractions may be included, especially on the guided tours. It is also possible for you to make all of your own lodging arrangements yourself, and find a company that will simply rent you a bicycle. People who are very experienced cyclers can bring their own bicycles.

Cycling tours in the Czech Republic generally begin and end in Prague, and last one or two weeks, although there are shorter trips. There are a number of cycling companies in the city who can make all the arrangements for a day trip into the countryside if you have limited time and just want a taste of the experience. Czech Republic cycling trips that begin and end in Prague will almost always have a least a city tour included—often one of the popular river cruises.

Other Czech Republic biking tours include other countries; Germany and Austria are frequently combined with Czech tours. It is not unusual for a tour to begin in Germany, perhaps in Dresden, which is not far from the Czech border, or even in Berlin. The tour would then proceed to Prague, cycle through the Czech Republic, and finally end in Vienna.

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