Harrachov is among the best known ski destinations in the Czech Republic. Harachov is a relatively small town near the border with Poland in the Krkonoae mountain range. The Harrachov Ski Resort is an easy drive from the capital city of Prague, which is an appealing prospect for many people planning trips to Eastern Europe for winter sports who also wish to experience some of the cosmopolitan ambiance of this historic European capital.

There are eight ski runs altogether at the Harrachov Ski Resort, with 30 percent designated for beginners, 60 percent for intermediates, and 10 percent for advanced riders and experts. There are nearly 500 acres of picturesque, skiable terrain where you will be able to take in some of the best alpine and Nordic skiing in the country. The top elevation at the Harrachov Ski Resort is 3,346 feet. The bottom elevation is 2,133 feet and the vertical rise is 1,214 feet. Harrachov also offers ski instruction, rental, and other activities including tubing, snowshoeing, and much more. The relative position to places like Poland, Germany, and Romania means that the most adventurous travelers and sightseers will have plenty to do in their downtime from the alpine adventure.

When you go skiing in the Czech Republic, you will not necessarily be enjoying the highest peaks in the region like those in Austria, France, and Italy, but there are some major advantages to booking ski trips in this country. The first and foremost reason is that there is no way you will spend anywhere near what you will spend in the Czech Republic as you will in the above mentioned three countries. You can easily spend as much in one day at the top resorts in Switzerland or France than you will in several days at Harrachov. If you are traveling with a group of friends, you can save even more money by splitting the cost of already affordable accommodations in the area. There are a wide variety of hotels near Harrachov Ski Area that suit most anyone’s budgets. Another major advantage is that the slopes are not nearly as crowded as many of the other major resorts in some of the surrounding countries.

As you plot a trip to the Czech Republic where most people from North America are unfamiliar with the language, you are probably thinking about a lot of details concerning your itinerary. One thing you will not have to worry about is finding suitable hotels near Harrachov Ski Area. Just as the prices for skiing and snowboarding are substantially less expensive than those in many of the surrounding countries known for alpine sports as well, so to are the prices of accommodations more affordable. There are a wide variety of nice hotels with amenities such as saunas, swimming pools, and restaurants, but there are also simple economy accommodations that make for the perfect lodging for backpackers and young people looking to embark on an adventurous, but affordable ski vacation. The Pension Aspen Harrachov, Hotel Svornost, Hotel Bily Horec, Hotel Harrachov Inn, Hotel Sklar, Hotel Karolina, and Hotel Bellevue are all worthy accommodations that you should look into before making final decisions about where you plan to stay.

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