The extraordinary Krkonose Mountains, also known as the Giant Mountains, comprise the largest and most well-known mountain range in the Czech Republic. They are a valued source for many excellent recreational opportunities, most notably skiing, hiking, and cycling. Krkonose National Park is the oldest in the Czech Republic and a hotspot for adventure tourists. The Krkonose receive millions of visitors to the many ski resorts within it in the winter months and offer a huge variety of hotels, cottage, bed and breakfasts, chalets, and villas.

Peak season in the Czech Republic mountains runs from December through April when the best ski conditions are available. One of the main reasons skiing in the Krkonose Mountains is so popular is simply the astounding peak height the ranges reach—about 4,200 feet above sea level. With no main highway connecting Prague to the Krkonose, small roads offer the only access making the trip almost three hours from the capital. The Czech Republic mountains create a natural border between Czech Republic and Poland. They are home to an array of natural attractions including steep slopes, beautiful rock formations, the Labe River, and a special Nordic-like tundra along the ridges featuring unique flora and fauna. Snezka is the highest mountain peak, belonging to Poland on one side and to the Czech Republic on the other.

When planning on skiing in the Krkonose Mountains, tourists must first decide which of the vast regions to visit. The distinct mountain districts include west, central, and eastern mountain areas, each home to several mountains towns and villages. In the west, Benecko takes the record for the highest set village in the Krkonose. Brimming with forests, meadows, and great ski slopes, the town also offers many amenities for visitors. There are also abundant networks of well-maintained cross country ski routes. Jilemnice is also in the west portion of the Czech Republic mountains and is considered the gateway to the region. The low-lying town can be enjoyed in both winter and summer. It's notable for a lengthy history as well as a great spot for hiking and cycling tours.

Central Krkonose is home to the towns of Horni Misecky, Lanov, Strazne, Spindleruv Mlyn, and Vrchlabi. Horni Misecky is home to the oldest chalet in the mountains, built in the mid-seventeenth century. It is still a popular spot for skiing in the Krkonose Mountains today. Strazne is a recreational center ideal for snowboarding, skiing, and back country skiing. There is a children's ski school, professional ski schools, a freestyle snowpark, and equipment rental services. Horseback riding in the winter is another of the most popular things to do during Czech vacations in Strazne. Dominated by an enchanting castle, and known as the gateway to the central mountains, Vrchlabi is filled with historical attractions, a ski center, and is home to the Giant Mountains Beerfest, one of the best events for anyone interested in Czech breweries.

Within the eastern sector there is also great skiing in the Krkonose Mountains and many traditional ski resorts to try out. Cerny Dul offers a wonderful starting point for exploring in both winter and summer. Cerna Hora ski resort in Janske Lazne is another of the famous places for skiing in the Krkonose Mountains. It is a well-developed, dynamic town offering many things to do both indoors and out. The many things to do in Krkonose National Park marks it as an inspiring and exciting area, and an ideal side trip for anyone looking to getaway from the sometimes exhausting urban landscapes like Prague, Karlovy Vary, and Ceske Budejovice.

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