Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne is located in the Carlsbad region of the Czech Republic. Marianske Lazne is best known as a spa town and for its healing carbon dioxide springs. There are other spa towns in the Czech Republic, but Marianske Lazne alone has about 100 spas. While the town dates back to 1865 officially, spas in Marianske Lazne have been visited since the 1300s. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Marianske Lazne travel became a hot commodity for European royalty and celebrities of the time period and remains popular today, both for the well-known spas in Marianske Lazne and the many other things to do. Local resorts are the perfect places to take an upscale vacation complete with ample beauty treatments, dining, and shopping options.

The most popular of these revered spas in Marianske Lazne is Krizovy Pramen, also known as Cross Spring, where the waters are known for curative powers both as baths and in drink form. There are many other popular spas here, including Rudolph's Spring and Caroline Spring, but there are many others. Many have structures built over the hotsprings themselves, often dating back to the 1800s.

Other Marianske Lazne attractions include the Singing Fountain, a fountain located in the middle of the spa zone. Every odd hour, the fountain goes to music by composers such as Chopin. Also located in the spa zone is the Spa Colonade, a castiron structure where the waters from several of the springs are piped in. Hiking and skiing in the surrounding mountains is also popular, along with visiting local parks, or getting out to walk around town to see the architecture and historic neighborhoods. A guided tour or the Golden Era buildings that were built in the late nineteenth century will give visitors and inside look into the lifestyle of the many celebrities, politicians, and European leaders that were drawn to the luxurious resort town and the rejuvenating spas in Marianske Lazne.

If you're seeking any sort of deals or just want to avoid crowds, look into Marianske Lazne travel itineraries during spring and fall. As with many locations around Europe, with the tourist seasons come more expensive transportation costs and lodging costs. Deals on Marianske Lazne travel are most accessible in May or September when mild weather, fewer crowds, and better hotel and airfare rates are available. April and October are also fine possibilities for Marianske Lazne travel, but the weather may be a little chillier.

For arrival and departure, there are international airports in both Prague and Brno and from there you can easily connect to local transportation or get a rental car. If you fly into Prague, buses run from the main Florenc station to the Karlovy Vary region and take about two hours each way, with reasonable ticket prices and additional discounts for students. Trains run from Prague to Marianske Lazne as well, but often take a little longer and have higher ticket prices as well. Travelling by train will usually take an additional hour beyond bus or car trips. However, trains are great if you want to get an informal tour of the beautiful countryside and take in the views of the surrounding mountains. If you’re staying in town, the best way to get around is walking, but rental cars can offer you a bit of extra freedom and convenience. Rental cars are available at the international airports. Another option to get to town without depending on a rental car is to take an airport shuttle. Driving around Marianske Lazne is not as expensive as it is in many other European cities, but in order to drive on the well-kept motorways, you will need to purchase a toll sticker (available at your car rental office). Expect bumpy roads outside of the city’s borders and consider a 4-wheel drive vehicle if you plan to be driving in the mountains.

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