Moravia Czech Republic, the eastern portion of the country, has a distinct history all its own. This diverse region is home to many interesting places to explore, including charming cities, lush forests, and soaring mountain ranges. You'll find World Heritage treasures, marvels of modern architecture, ski resorts, spas, and more.

The capital of the Moravia region, Brno, is perched halfway between Prague and Vienna, and Prague and Budapest. When you're planning to travel by rail or highway between the major cities, Brno is an interesting stopover. Like other cities in Moravia, Brno has an charming mix of architecture. Špilberk, one of the castles from the Gothic era, was rebuilt in the Baroque era. Now, it's home to the Brno City Museum and summertime cultural events, held in the castle courtyards. The architecture also reflects modern movements, including art nouveau houses and the villa Tugendhat, a World Heritage landmark built by architect Miles van der Rohe.

In Brno and beyond, Moravia Czech Republic is home to many places listed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. These cultural treasures include the city of Telc, the castle of Kromeriz, the Jewish quarter of Trebic, and the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc. Standing proud on the town square of Olomouc, the tower is a fantastic example of Baroque sculpture from the eighteenth century. Built by local citizens, the saints and torchbearers included on the gilded tower are of some importance to the Moravia region.

As one of the larger cities in Moravia, Olomouc offers a wide range of things to experience and places to stay, some within walking distance of the Holy Trinity Column. For centuries, Olomouc has been a center of religious, political, and cultural heritage, which can be seen on city tours. Many visitors make a stop at the town hall and astronomical clock, built in the 1400s, and renovated later in grand Renaissance style. A young Mozart composed his Sixth Sympathy at the St. Wenceslas Cathedral, just a fifteen-minute walk from the town square. The adjacent Premyslid Palace now houses an interesting museum, the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum. Two sister organizations, the Olomouc Museum of Art and the Kroměříž Archdiocesan Museum also fill historic buildings with exhibits, arts, and engaging events.

The list of things to do in Czech Moravia isn't limited to touring buildings and spending time indoors. If you're looking to get active, you'll find plenty of interesting places to get out and explore. Several cities in Moravia have a network of parks and trails, perfect for cycling or strolling. Two educational nature trails wind woods and forests surrounding the Beskid Mountains draw the attention of hikers and wildlife watchers, who often spot lynxes, wolves, and bears.

When the snow is falling, visitors to the Moravia Region look to the Jeseníky Mountains for skiing excursions and winter sports holidays. The spas of Jesenik, Lipova, Karlova Studanka, and others provide a wonderful (and warm) way to relax after a day on the slopes.

No matter where you plan to visit in Moravia Czech Republic and what you include in on your itineraries, a wide variety of hotels will provide a place to anchor for the night. Funky boutique hotels, transformed buildings from the Renaissance era, modern towers, and international brands offer hospitality throughout Moravia.

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