Czech Republic Museums

Exploring the many captivating Czech Republic museums is still the best way to learn more about the history and culture of this fascinating European nation. Combine museum visits with cultural events, exciting nightlife and an exploration of distinct regions for a broad view of the country. The abundance of Prague museums are the largest concentration of museums in the Czech Republic and offer the widest scope of insight for visitors. There are great ways to see the wild beauty of Czech Republic too, such as skiing and cycling, adding another layer of experience to Czech vacations.

The National Museum in Prague is the oldest, largest, and most impressive of all. The construction of this museum, the most prominent of all museums in the Czech Republic, lasted more than seven decades, illustrating just how much thought and care was put into it. It's situated on top of Wenceslas Square, revealing some of the best views to be had in Prague. Because of the especially beautiful backdrop, many classical concert events are held here throughout the warmer months. Designed in neo-renaissance style, the National Museum in Prague remains one of the strongest symbols representing the country's National Revival period. Intricate stonework, grand staircases, and an illustrious entryway also signify the museum's great importance. The National Museum is one of the most reliable Prague museums in terms of permanent exhibits, many which visitors count on seeing when visiting. They include zoological, anthropological, and petrological collections among many more.

The Czech Museum of Fine Art is another of the top Prague museums and one of the most popular. There is an extensive collection of fine art to browse over, a large portion which is strictly from the twentieth century and solely deriving from the Czech Republic. With such an incredibly large scope of art in its possession, the museum has sought out other areas to display its works for a better understanding of the collections as a whole. These additional sites include the old Jesuit College in Kutná Hora, newly adapted exhibition rooms on Carolinum and Husova streets and in other rooms provided to the museum by international associations. The museum offers comprehensive information on all locations.

Tying into the Prague Jewish Quarter, the Jewish Museum is one of the leading Czech Republic museums and well known for a massive collection of fascinating Jewish artifacts. It is one of the most respected museums in the country. It features more than 40,000 items in a sweeping collection as well as more than 100,00 books. It is also one of the most unique of all Prague museums because the majority of items originate from only two of the countries regions—Moravia and Bohemia. Looking over this extravagant collection, visitors will have access to a wealth of information illustrating the life and times of Jewish residents in the region.

Outside of some the biggest attractions—like the National Museum in Prague, the Prague City Museum, and the National Gallery—there are several noteworthy museums to visit. The Moravian Museum in Brno is the second largest and oldest. More than six million objects are featured in the collections including representations of literature, theater, and music. Science-based materials cover zoology, botany, entomology, and more. Czech Republic museums can easily be found in many of the smaller towns and cities such as Frantiskovy Lazne and Olomouc. The city of Plzen also offers a broad look at art, history, culture, and science through a nice variety of museums. Plzen is also well known for excellent breweries and a beautiful Old Town Square and makes a great side trip from Prague.

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