Old Town Prague

Seven decades of history blanket Old Town Prague, an ancient quarter filled with old relics that blend with modern day scenes. In Czech, Prague Old Town is known as Stare Mesto. It dates back to the thirteenth century, a century in which numerous notable Czech Republic castles were also established. The Old Town is the genuine heart of Prague and is a primary attraction for those on Czech vacations because of its many prominent landmarks and rich heritage. With a UNESCO World Heritage site designation, Old Town Prague is a protected area which means all of the historical buildings and monuments within the area cannot be altered or destroyed in any way.

Old Town Prague is one of the best and most affordable attractions in the capital. There are a huge array of things to do in Old Town Prague appealing to all types of people. There are dozens of historical buildings to explore including Old Town Hall, Tyn Church, and St Nicholas Church. Anyone lucky enough to experience even one Prague's cultural events will be treated to a vibrant and exciting affair. Every holiday in Prague Old Town is distinctive and anyone enjoying an event will notice the particular flair Czechs have for throwing parties. In addition to cultural events, there are outdoor concerts, live performances and music competitions all highlighting Prague's collective musical affinity.

Old Town Prague is also favored by visitors looking for hotels in the city. The large variety of Prague hotels accommodate anyone wanting to immerse themselves in Old Town Prague tours—a must if you're visiting the capital. Without a look around the old heart of the city, it can be more difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of this often mysterious nation. Luxury hotels, boutique hotels, and budget accommodation all grant close proximity to the best of Old Town Prague. Shopping, sightseeing, dining, nightlife, and historic attractions all come together creating one of the top tourist destinations in Eastern Europe.

When stepping out to do some sightseeing, there are numerous attractions not to be missed. A nice way to begin Old Town Prague tours is by starting off in Old Town Square, the true center of it all. It is the oldest and most significant part of chronicled Prague. It is enveloped by historical buildings like Old Town Hall, which is adorned by the renowned Astronomical Clock. It is also surrounded by palaces and stately homes designed in an assortment of architectural styles all with colorful histories. Once a central market place of the old European trader's road, Old Town Square still exudes an air of the old mercantile. Other top sights in Old Town Square include the Prague meridian, Jan Hus monument, and crosses from the execution of 27 rebellion leaders in 1621.

Famous chapels, churches, and palaces are scattered throughout the area and remain the site choices for Old Town Prague tours. Clementinum, a former college, is the second largest network of buildings in the city after Prague Castle and is an extraordinary place to explore. It houses both the Church of St Salvator and the Church of St Clemens. It's also a popular spot for outdoor concerts. The thirteenth-century Palace of the Lords of Kunštát is home to a historical exhibit dedicated to Hussite king George of Podebrady who lived there for a period.

Notable Old Town Prague squares also include Knights of the Cross Square, featuring great views of Vltava River as well as several ancient churches and the Old Town Bridge Tower. Mariánské Square is dominated by two historic statues and enclosed by a beautiful garden wall of the Clamm-Gallas Palace, which bounds the square's south side. The eighteenth-century Estates Theatre, the pedestrian-only thoroughfare of Celetná Street, Municipal House, and the fifteenth-century Powder Gate are more of the paramount attractions every visitor should see in Prague Old Town.

Old Town Prague

Old Town Prague

Seven decades of history blanket Old Town Prague, an ancient quarter filled w...

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