Olomouc, a town in the eastern portion of the Czech Republic, has a thousand years of history under its belt. This major city in Moravia has a lot to offer. Most people planning Olomouc travel set aside at least two days to experience this city connected with its past and looking forward to the future.

The list of things to do in Olomouc also includes viewing medieval fortifications, exploring palaces, and seeing what's located around the town squares. Other options include the Natural History Museum, Olomouc Museum of Art, and the Bezruč Gardens.

One of the grandest of attractions in Olomouc, the St. Wenceslas Cathedral, dates from the eleventh century. With a spire that reaches to the heavens, the St. Wenceslas is one of the tallest cathedrals in Moravia. In 1767, eleven-year-old Mozart composed his sixth symphony here. After touring the church, you can stroll through the adjoining Premyslid Palace. Now a museum, some of the original buildings remain from the structure built in 1204.

When connecting with history is top on your list of things to do in Olomouc, you should make plans to see the Holy Trinity Column. The United Nations has included this 115-foot-tall sculpture on its list of World Heritage treasures. Built in the middle of the eighteenth century, the column was decorated in the Olomouc Baroque style, which presents religious symbols in a grand fashion—saints, torchbearers, and apostles—all with some connection to the city. The accompanying sculptures, cast in bronze and gilded, were dedicated in the presence of Empress Maria Theresa. A small chapel is located within the Trinity Column can be toured on a trip to Olomouc.

While enjoying Olomouc travel, you can't help but notice the beautiful fountains scattered around town. The project, completed in recent years, was started in the 1600s. The fountains feature Baroque designs and elements inspired by Greek mythology, with names such as Jupiter, Caesar, and Hercules. The Arion fountain, found along the same square as the Holy Trinity Column, has three bronze figures: two children and Arion, who, according to the myth, was rescued by a dolphin. The sculpture added a delightful touch a whimsy: a turtle statue that's a favorite place for young children to climb and get their pictures taken. The nearby town hall has a 250-foot-tall tower ornamented with an astronomical clock and a glockenspiel.

You'll also have many chances to head outdoors while on a on a trip to Olomouc with tennis courts, cycling trails, equestrian trails, and golf in and around the city. Two skiing areas are located nearby, easily accessible by highway and rail.

After spending a long day on your feet, visiting museums, biking, and enjoying all the things to in Olomouc, you'll be ready to relax. A variety of spas and wellness treatments are available, so you can soak your cares away and relax tired muscles.

When planning Olomouc travel, the details that round out the itinerary, like lodging and dining, will be readily available. Whether you're looking for chic boutique hotels or lodging right in the center of town, you find Olomouc hotels that fit the bill. After night has fallen, you can leave your hotel and experience the nightlife, including cinemas, art galleries, and fine dining. Most of the shops close by 8 p.m., so it's a good idea to plan your shopping excursions for earlier in the day.

If you'd like to do some exploring on your trip to Olomouc, the central location of the city will make it easy to see more of the Central Europe. The city is the only one the entire country, outside of Prague, that is located at the intersection of two major highways. It's located halfway between Vienna, Austria, and Krakow, Poland, and all of the things to in Prague are less than three hours away from Olomouc.

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