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Not only the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is also its largest city. An architectural wonderland, Prague boasts delightful church spires, breathtaking cathedrals, shimmering golden towers, and some of the most beautiful bridges you will ever lay eyes on. So immaculate is Prague that it easily deserves mention among other attractive European cities, such as Paris and Rome. Prague travel is ideal for folks of all ages, and when you’re not enjoying Prague tours or city shopping sprees, you can rest up for a night of full-fledged fun. Prague nightlife is alive and well, so after a full day spent enjoying some of the city’s wonderful attractions, heading out for the night is the perfect complement.

As is typical with European capital cities, Prague is situated on a significant river, the River Vltava. For more than 1,000 years, Prague has been at the center of Czech state affairs, which also means that it has figured prominently in the overall history of Europe. The city’s historic center was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Prague tours would not be complete without a visit to the city’s Old Town. Among the many Prague tourism draws is the Prague Castle, which gives wonderful insight into Prague Czech Republic history. A gigantic structure, the Prague Castle is one of the biggest castles in the world, and interestingly enough not only past Czech kings have used it to conduct business. Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and past presidents of Czechoslovakia have used the castle for their varied affairs, and the castle’s history goes as far back as the ninth century.

Various other historical structures can be visited when enjoying Prague travel, such as the fourteenth century Old Town Hall, which is where the famed fifteenth-century Astronomical Clock can be found. The picturesque St. Nicholas Church is another Prague Czech Republic historical relic worth visiting. Built in the eighteenth century, it graces the Old Town Square with baroque appeal. Perhaps the most revered structure in all of Prague, the Charles Bridge, is a must-see for visitors on Prague tours, and since it links the Prague Castle to the Old Town it is easy to include in your visits to both. For those interested in learning more about Prague Czech Republic history, the Museum of the History of Prague is an attraction you will want to include in your Prague tourism agenda. The museum is conveniently located just a block from the Florenc metro stop. The Prague metro system is quite affordable and complete.

Keeping track of and understanding the many Prague attractions is perhaps best accomplished by arranging Prague tours. An English-language bus tour is just one of the Prague tours that you can enjoy, and if there are kids traveling in your group, the Ekoexpres electric bus is a real treat. The Ekoexpres is intended to look like a train, which will win kids over right off the bat, and since it features an open-air design, it’s that much more enjoyable. A few local organizations can help visitors find walking tours of Prague, and often you won’t just visit the most popular city attractions, but also some that are a little less known. Besides enjoying ground-level Prague tours, which can also include river cruises and rowboat excursions, some visitors decide to take to the skies. Yes, Prague tours are quite dynamic, and you can look down on this glorious city from above on a hot air balloon or charter plane tour.

When day gives way to night in Prague, the fun surely doesn’t end. As mentioned, Prague nightlife is lively, and if you aren’t interested in hitting one of the electric clubs in town, plenty of boisterous pubs present even more opportunities. Come nightfall in Prague, the cobblestone streets in the Old Town are almost more charming than they are during the day, as lights from the Charles Bridge illuminate them. Evening strolls on the city’s historic streets are a joy. Taking in a classical music performance in Prague is just another idea for Prague nightlife pursuits, and especially worth taking in is the performance of Don Giovanni at the Estate’s Theater. The Prague Symphony Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic put on regular evening shows that music aficionados will certainly appreciate.

After decades of Communist rule, Prague is enjoying a certain level of capitalist growth, and since it is such a popular tourist destination, an array of interesting shops have sprung up about town. Art galleries, jewelry stores, multi-level shopping complexes are just some of the shopping choices that can be included in your Prague tourism endeavors. Sports fans fret not, because if shopping isn’t your thing, there might be an interesting sporting event going on in town. The AC Sparta Praha soccer team has quite a fan base, so get your tickets early. For a bit of hockey enjoyment, the HC Sparta Praha hockey team is only one of the country’s most successful!

As you can see, Prague Czech Republic visits can be full of fun and interesting things to do. This city can satisfy the travel needs of everyone in your group!



Not only the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is also its largest c...


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