Czech Republic Resorts

Winter Czech Republic resorts are probably not the first thoughts that come to your mind if you’re thinking of vacations in this country, but do remember that the Czech Republic is a wonderful place to visit during the colder weather. Skiing is quite popular in a couple notable places here, and there are numerous Czech resorts in these areas.

There are wonderful winter ski resorts in the Czech Republic in the Krkonose Mountains that lie on the border with Poland. These mountains contain the highest peaks in the country, and the entire region is protected as a national park by both countries. Here you will find the largest and oldest Czech Republic resorts dedicated to skiing and other winter activities. There are hundreds of miles of groomed snowboarding and excellent downhill runs with lifts. You will also find hundreds of miles of cross-country trails that lead through beautiful scenery and some of the densest forests in the entire continent.

These mountains are also the source of the glass used to craft world-famous Bohemia crystal. If you are staying at one of the Czech resorts here, you will be able to purchase this at its source rather than simply shopping at souvenir shops in Prague. Near the town of Harrachov in the Krkonose Mountains is one of the most unusual and fascinating of all the museums in the country. It is located in the historic glassworks factory and chronicles the history of glass and crystal production back to the fourteenth century.

More ski resorts in the Czech Republic will be found in the Sumava Mountain Range on the country’s southern border with Germany and Austria. This also is where some of the country’s famous bathhouses and spas are located, so there is much luxury lodging in the Czech Republic located in this region. Vacations here provide fabulous relaxation at any time of year, whether it is after a long day on the snowy slopes or a day of cycling in the hills.

Visiting the Czech resorts in the spa towns of the country, will also reveal the rich history of this region. Several areas are blessed with natural thermal hot springs and mineral rich spring water. People have been flocking to these spas for more than 2,000 years to reap the health giving benefits derived from these waters. These areas became extremely popular Czech Republic resorts during the nineteenth century.

Royalty, intelligentsia, and the wealthy came to “take the cure” in the lavish Gothic bathhouses; to stroll the colonnaded pavilions; and gamble their evenings away at casinos. Today, visitors from around the world come to Karlovy Vary to admire the beautiful architecture as well as to soak in and drink the water. These resorts in the Czech Republic also take advantage of the beautiful natural areas and national parks in the vicinity. And, there are still casinos. Spa resorts remain the most popular of the tourist attractions (after Prague) in the country—just as they were in the nineteenth century. Because the main Czech spa towns are located near the major ski reports, they make wonderful places to visit during the winter as well.

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