Czech Republic River Cruises

Czech Republic river cruises are very popular Prague tours, as the historic heart of the city (a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site) is built along both sides of the river. Most Prague river cruises are two to four hour tours along the stretch of the Vltava that particularly lends itself to scenic cruises through the city. These Czech Republic river cruises will show you some of the most impressive sights of Prague, including the lovely Charles Bridge and beautiful Prague Castle.

Prague river cruises are often done as the end of a city tour. Sometimes they last longer and might include stops to visit certain attractions. Both lunch and dinner cruises are quite popular, as are sunset cruises to see the city gloriously illuminated after dark. Some Prague river cruises can boast that they are part of the city’s celebrated nightlife and club scene, as there are some party boats that are actually floating discos.

The city of Prague has several canals branching out from the Vltava, and some river cruises in the Czech Republic glide along these through what is called the “Little Venice” of the city – particularly along the Certovka Canal and through Old Town Prague. You can get a sense of the city’s history on these cruises, since the boats used are mostly replicas of the nineteenth-century wooden boats used by local fisherman. They are flat bottomed boats with low enough clearance to glide under low bridges and through narrow tunnels into areas where the larger sightseeing boats cannot go. Here are some of the city’s finest boutique hotels, such as the Certovka Hotel located in an old baroque home. You can enjoy these river cruises in the Czech Republic even during the winter months, as the boats are heated and the city is particularly beautiful after a fresh snowfall.

There are not many Czech Republic river cruises that cruise through the country as there are in other European countries. While the Vltava River is navigable on several stretches, it is not very long and does not run through enough popular tourist areas to make it a significant river to cruise. The great navigable rivers of the continent are the Danube and the Rhine, which through a network of locks and connecting rivers allow one to cruise from Amsterdam on the North Sea all the way through Western and Eastern Europe to the Black Sea. Many cruises on this route might include Prague as extension, as do cruises on the Elbe River in eastern Germany. This river is generally cruised from Magdeburg to Dresden, ending with river cruises in the Czech Republic after crossing the border to Melnik, just outside of Prague, where the Elbe merges with the Vltava River.

Other Czech river cruises on different sections of the Vltava River include activities as adventurous as white water rafting and as exciting as sport fishing. Portions of the river are also lakes created by dams. These are excellent for boating and beach vacations, and there are national parks around them that are excellent for hiking and cycling.

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