Things to do in Prague

Among the things to do in Prague are tours that showcase one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. In fact, the most important of the Prague attractions is the city itself. Old Town Prague is so architecturally and culturally important that it is designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The ensemble of buildings and monuments here are the attractions in Prague that just about every visitor to the country explores.

These beautifully preserved Prague attractions represent more than 1,100 years of history and show the development of medieval urban growth. Few large scale demolitions have occurred in the city over the centuries, and there has been little of the modernization so many European cities exhibit. As a result, the city retains the same structure of grand architecture and appears much as it has for hundreds of years. Beautiful Hradcany, Prague Castle, still dominates the city skyline as it has since the twelfth century. This is the largest medieval castle complex in all of Europe, and it contains such treasures as the magnificent Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral. If your list of things to do in Prague includes this castle complex, you should reserve at least half a day. If you plan to spend time in any of its several museums, reserve a full day.

Also part of Old Town Prague, Charles Bridge is another of the attractions in Prague that most every visitor experiences. Built in 1357, it was once the only method of crossing the Vltava River. This is what made Prague such an important trade link between Eastern and Western Europe. The magnificent Gothic structure is adorned with 30 baroque statues. The bridge is thronged with people during the day. They come for the lovely views as well as the shopping. The bridge is lined with kiosks selling souvenirs, and numerous artists have set up areas where they work and sell art pieces.

The old city also includes the Prague Jewish Quarter, Josefov, which is one of the most important centers of Jewish learning and culture on the continent. Much of the preservation of this area is because it was spared destruction during the Nazi occupation with the aim of creating an “exotic museum of an extinct race.” Because of this, it is another one of the Prague attractions that has contributed to the overall architectural integrity of the city.

One of the attractions in Prague that adds to the city’s beauty is its picturesque location on a bend of the Vltava River. It spreads gracefully along both sides of the river, which is lined with magnificent buildings. The view of the skyline, punctuated by the towers of castles and spires of great cathedrals, is breathtaking. One of the things to do in Prague is to take river cruises to enjoy this panoramic view of the city from the water. You can even get a taste of some of the city’s celebrated nightlife on a river boat, as there are a few that are actually clubs and discos. You can also take cycling day trips from Prague, as there are many bicycle tour companies in the city.

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