Czech Republic Tours

Czech Republic tours come in all descriptions and all price ranges. There are Czech Republic bus tours in which the participants travel from place to place on a luxury motorcoach, and there are tours of the Czech Republic that fly from airport to airport. There are cycling tours, horseback tours, and river cruises.

There are Czech Republic walking tours of fascinating medieval cities like Old Town Prague with its narrow cobbled streets and labyrinth of alleys and lanes. Very popular are the Czech Republic walking tours that follow the international Greenways through Europe. A greenway is a recognized route suitable for walking where there is no motorized traffic. While some of these greenways might follow alongside country bicycle routes, they do not merge with them. They often follow abandoned railways and towpaths, and even ancient roads and pilgrimage routes, sometimes crossing through private property where the Greenway Association of Europe has established right-of-way agreements with local landowners. Many are selected for their suitability for those with mobility impairment.

Like cycling tours, these Czech Republic walking tours take advantage of the diversity of country’s landscapes. Popular places include Krkonose National Park in the north on the border with Poland, location of the highest peaks in the country, and Sumava National Park, along the Bohemia border with Austria and Germany. There is good skiing in both these places during the winter. As the Greenways are set up in cooperation with a number of countries, these Czech Republic tours often cross borders. During communist rule, the areas along the border with Austria and what was then West Germany were closed and off limits to the public. This means the Czech Greenways comprise some of the wildest and most untouched natural landscapes in Europe.

The infrastructure to support walking tours of the Czech Republic is quite sophisticated. The more than 350 miles of trails are clearly marked, and detailed maps are available showing proximity of hotels, camping spots, dining venues, and other services. Like cycling tours, you can book guided walking tours in which a bi-lingual professional guide accompanies the group and arrangements have been made in advance. You can also set off by yourself or with friends on a self-guided tour.

There are also tours of the Czech Republic that cater to special interests. Both Moravia and Bohemia boast a large number of vineyards and wineries. Many organized vacation packages will have a winery on the itinerary, and there are companies that can arrange a tour visiting several of the best wineries in this country that is becoming internationally recognized. Likewise, some of the best beer in the continent is brewed in the Czech Republic, and you can find tours that visit breweries and local pubs for tastings. Many tours that do not concentrate on breweries will at least stop for a visit at the famous Pilsner Urquell brewery in Plzen, origin of the world-famous beer.

There are also Czech Republic tours that concentrate on the rich Jewish history of the country. The highlight of these tours will be the tour of the Prague Jewish Quarter. Tragically, many of the vibrant Jewish centers in Europe were completely destroyed during World War II. But the Jewish Quarter in Prague survived, ironically because the Nazi occupiers deliberately wanted to preserve what they intended to be a museum. Thus, there is a veritable treasure trove of buildings and museums chronicling the once vibrant culture that thrived here. Other Jewish sites in the Czech Republic include the garrison town of Theresienstadt, now called Therezin), site of a Nazi concentration camp.

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