Czech Republic Transportation

There are many options for Czech Republic transportation, including speedy Czech Republic trains, cheap Czech Republic bus travel, and convenient car rentals in the Czech Republic. Deciding how to get around will be based on your choices from the many options for things to do, knowing when to go to get the best fares, and mapping out the places you want to explore during your trip. Many visitors may choose to combine two or more types of Czech Republic transportation, such as plane or train travel into the country, bus travel around urban centers, or rental cars in the Czech Republic countryside.

If you fly into an airport at a major city, an airport shuttle can take you to your hotel, or city centers where you can easily connect to public transportation or pick up rental cars in the Czech Republic. While public transportation can be cheaper, rental cars in the Czech Republic allow you the ability to travel on your own schedule and explore destinations off the beaten path. Driving in the Czech Republic is not as expensive as it is in many other European countries, but in order to drive on the well-kept motorways, you will need to purchase a toll sticker. Expect bumpy roads outside of urban areas and consider a 4-wheel drive vehicle if you plan to be driving in the mountains.

Many airlines to the Czech Republic fly directly into local airports, but you may also arrive in the country by Czech Republic trains. International trains run from stations throughout Europe into Czech cities and connect directly from neighboring countries. Regardless of how you arrive, you can take advantage of Czech Republic trains to get around from city to city. Many trains travel between small towns as well as major cities, but tend to take leisurely scenic routes. For this reason they are ideal for travelers interested in enjoying the beautiful countryside and stunning views of the surrounding mountains, but can be frustrating for anyone in a hurry. Ask about discounts for foreign travelers, juniors (anyone under 26), and group rates for parties of two or more, especially on return tickets. Customer cards (In-karta) can be purchased in advance and offer additional savings.

Czech Republic bus travel is another option that will be ideal for a budget traveler or anyone who may want to make stops at smaller villages or less popular destinations in between major cities without the responsibility of a rental car. Czech Republic bus travel is also a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture, traveling as local citizens do and offering ample opportunities to strike up a conversation or practice language skills. Discounts for students and inexpensive fares for other travelers are generally cheaper than train travel and often faster. International bus service runs from many cities in Europe with connections from Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Austria. Many buses depart from metro stations adding to their convenience, but may not operate during off-peak hours (unlike trains) so check schedules carefully. Reservations are generally not necessary but recommended for weekend or holiday travel.

Other Czech Republic transportation options include traveling by foot or by bike. Walking is an ideal way to see the architectural wonders of the historic Old Town centers in cities like Prague and Olomouc, and cycling is very popular in urban areas as well as throughout the countryside. Bike trails are usually well marked and offer an excellent way to travel at your own pace between picturesque villages, vineyards, and breweries.

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