Czech Republic Vacation Rental

Czech Republic vacation rental has become part of the country’s tourism infrastructure as it has in all of Europe. But, unlike Western Europe, it is a new and burgeoning part of the industry. Large-scale tourism in the entire country is only as old as the fall of communism, which occurred in 1989, and vacation rentals in Czech Republic are even newer than that. Nonetheless, you will find them all over the country to serve vacations of all sorts. You can find cheap apartments or luxurious condos in the heart of Prague, charming little ski chalets, and mansions in the country’s spa towns.

Czech Republic apartment rentals will be found primarily in the larger cities, especially the capital city and most visited site in the country, Prague. The most desirable are in Old Town Prague, and will be found on both sides of the Vltava River. These are convenient both for sightseeing tours of the most important monuments and for taking very popular river cruises. A Prague Czech Republic vacation rental can be an extraordinary deluxe condominium with magnificent views of the city’s skyline, a charming little townhouse on a little cobbled alley, or a more modest little flat in a rather nondescript communist era apartment block.

You will find similar Czech Republic apartment rentals in other larger cities like Brno, Ostrava, Plzen, and Olomouc. Most Czech Republic apartment rentals are put on the market by the owners, who often rent them out during times that they aren’t in residence, usually during the times that they are on vacation elsewhere in the country.

Some apartment building owners in the larger cities have begun to realize that advertising to a broader and broader international audience means it is worthwhile to add additional services for tourists. These can include assistance with tours of local attractions, transportation, and sometimes adding facilities like dining rooms and restaurants. Still, these kinds of vacation rentals in Czech Republic are still sought out by those looking to have the complete freedom of their own home away from home—shopping for their own food and cooking it in their own kitchens.

You can also find a Czech Republic vacation rental in several areas where there is a large amount of tourism. Skiing is very popular in this country, even though it doesn’t have the most famous resorts or highest mountains in Europe. A large number of vacation chalets, houses, and vacation apartments can be found in three areas of the country where there is good skiing. These areas include Sumava National Park along the border with Austria and Germany and the Krkoonose Mountains on the border with Poland.

Other very nice vacation rentals in Czech Republic will be found in the lovely spa towns that have been popular tourist destinations for hundreds of years. Here you can find some lovely villas and homes that date to the Golden Age of spas in Europe. Some of these operate almost as boutique hotels, with a full traditional breakfast and other services included in the cost of your suite.


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