Czech Republic Vacations

Czech Republic vacations are very popular with people from elsewhere in Europe. It is only since the fall of communism (1989) that tourists from the United States have begun to discover how much this country has to offer. When the country first opened to western travelers in 1990, most everyone traveled only to the beautiful city of Prague for stay of only a few days. The tourism infrastructure had not yet developed enough to support vacations to the Czech Republic that spent any significant time in other parts of the country.

Czech Republic vacations have become extremely popular in the last couple decades, as amazing strides have been made, with the development of modern ski resorts, establishment of luxury hotels, and improvements in transportation. Today, it is possible to travel all over the country, enjoying cheap Czech Republic vacations in hostels and luxurious stays in boutique hotels in historic spa towns, and everything in between.

A Czech Republic family vacation can be enjoyed anywhere in the country. The local people love children, and they often will add special touches because you have children in your group. No vacations to the Czech Republic would be complete without spending time in Prague, which will be rewarding for all members of the family. But you might think it would be difficult to keep children interested in tours of museums and historic sites. With some imagination, these can be made to be very exciting for children. Castles have always fascinated children, and Prague has one of the most beautiful and extensive castle complexes in all of Europe. In fact, these can be found all over the country, so be sure to include them. The Prague Castle, also boasts a toy museum with the world’s second largest collection of toys in the world.

Also popular with families as well as adult tourists are cycling tours. Most of the dense forests and other natural areas that today are national parks were closed to the public during the communist era. This means that cycling (or walking and hiking) here takes you through some of the wildest and most untouched areas on the continent. These can be cheap Czech Republic vacations staying in hostels or modest pensions, or more expensive vacations staying in four-star properties and luxurious boutique hotels. There are even castle hotels spread throughout the country. Along many of the bicycle and hiking routes are rivers with good white water rafting, always an exciting break both for children and adult travelers.

Many people spend their Czech Republic vacations at ski resorts in one of three regions. The Sumava National Park is quite close to the border with Germany and Austria and boasts few crowds. More popular are the ski resorts in Moravia, but the area is huge with a large number of resorts, so there are few crowds. Even more popular are the resorts in the highest peaks in the country, located in the north of the country on the border with Poland. There are also spa vacations to the Czech Republic that stay in one of several world famous spa towns. These areas experienced the Golden Age of spas in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. There are not only world-class spas, but also grand Gothic bathhouses, colonnaded pavilions, and old buildings.

Cheap Czech Republic vacations can also be had by booking vacation rentals. You will find these in city apartments, and charming little chalets and cottages in the areas where skiing is popular. But do remember that prices for all services in this country are cheaper than comparable services in Western Europe. Right now, this country offers some of the best value for your vacation dollar.

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