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Though the country has many airports, if you are on a Denmark flight you are likely going to land in Copenhagen airport. Unless you are flying in specifically to see Legoland (Billund is the other major Danish airport), a flight to Copenhagen is probably your best bet – not only does it offer the cheapest flights in and out of Denmark, but for many Copenhagen is the main reason to be flying into Denmark anyway. Considering the relatively higher prices of Scandinavia versus the rest of Europe, cheap airfare to Copenhagen is definitely a lofty goal, but there are ways to get discount tickets for the savvy traveler.

SAS offers something called a Visit Scandinavia Air Pass, featuring up to eight one-way plane tickets through Scandinavia and other participating European cities, such as Paris and London. The airfare is heavily discounted, with a one-way ticket often falling well below three figures, making a flight to Copenhagen fairly inexpensive. These passes, however, are only available if bought in conjunction with a round trip ticket from your country of origin - since Denmark flights are often the cheapest of the Scandinavian airports, these almost always include a stop in the Danish capital. Another way to get cheap airfare to Copenhagen is to look into family fares, also through SAS. Depending on age and number of people flying, severely discounted Copenhagen flights can be arranged.

As with any kind of travel, the earlier you purchase your tickets, the better. Cheap airfare to Copenhagen can also be found if you purchase your flight in a package deal with hotel accommodations or even a car rental. These packages are readily available both on the internet, with ticket consolidators, or with pretty much any travel agent. Shopping around is paramount, so as long as you don’t rush into a flight to Copenhagen, you can easily find a decent price for your vacation. If you are flying in on a whim, however, make sure to stop by one of the many travel agencies located in Copenhagen’s Central Station.

If you wish to avoid the Danish rail system, you can also purchase flights between two Danish destinations for a relatively small fee. Besides Copenhagen airport, you can catch a Denmark flight into a handful of other cities: Billund, Odense, Aalborg and Aarhus, to name a few. If you wish to skip the capital altogether, tickets into these airports are available, though you will likely have to transfer planes in Copenhagen airport anyway.

As with travel to any European nation, all you need to enter the country is a valid passport. There are no unusual restrictions or issues that are unique to Denmark in regards to international travel.



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