There is no shortage of things to do in Copenhagen Denmark.  One of the richest cities in the world and boasting a high quality of life, the Danish capital is lively and charming, a feel-good city if there ever was one.  One of the nicest things is that Copenhagen travel is so simple – a walkable city, (though bicycles fly across town by the thousands each day) the sights of Copenhagen splay themselves out before you, with winding streets and blossoming flowers.

Copenhagen Denmark
Copenhagen Denmark

Even though Copenhagen Denmark is the largest and most visited Scandinavian city, it is significantly smaller in comparison to other major European cities: Paris, Rome, Madrid – the Danish capital has nothing on them.  But that is one of the reasons that Copenhagen tourism thrives – it is a far less imposing task, as complete Copenhagen tours can be completed in a day or two (though savvy travelers will want to stay considerably longer).

But there is plenty on these Copenhagen tours to keep you busy.  One standout is the city’s many castles – the royal family calls the symmetrical Amalienborg palace home, while Christiansborg Castle overlooks the surrounding canals, Charlottenborg is the small, baroque castle in the middle of vast gardens and Rosenborg Castle houses the treasures of Denmark’s past inside its ornate chambers.  There is even the Kastellet for good measure, which isn’t a castle so much as a fortress, but was the city’s main line of defense in the many wars that found their way to Copenhagen’s shores.

Another main staple of Copenhagen tours is the spangled lights and nightly fireworks that greet visitors as they descend on Tivoli Gardens, which is just across from the city’s main point of reference, the Central Station.  The city’s most famous attraction, Tivoli is a study in visual stimulus, and is only open during the summer months.  For shoppers, the main shops are found along the streets of Stroget and Vestergade, where limitless examples of Danish furniture and jewelry can be haggled for.

Copenhagen travel is not complete without a stop in the harbor, to see where the mighty Vikings once raised their flags.  You can also find the famed Little Mermaid statue, placed in honor of Denmark’s most famous author, Hans Christian Anderson.

For an even more in depth look at Denmark’s history, there are plenty of ancient cathedrals and museums available for tourists to visit.  The amount of museums is overwhelming, especially considering the relatively average size of Copenhagen Denmark, and the subjects range from the pedestrian (the Worker’s Museum) to the typical (the National Art Gallery) to the controversial (the Museum Erotica).

No matter what you are looking for, Copenhagen travel is a worthy endeavor.  It’s hard not to be charmed by its laid back atmosphere, its understated castles, its simple terrain and beautiful parks.  Even if you are the type of tourist who prefers their destinations a little more off the beaten path, Copenhagen Denmark will invariably surprise and enchant you.

Top image: john.anes (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0


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