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Just like every major European city, there are many youth hostels and budget hotels in Copenhagen, each featuring decent lodging options for premium prices. Because average Copenhagen hostels tend to be a little higher grade than a lot of those throughout the rest of Europe, the prices here are a little bit steeper than, say, Berlin. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be breaking the bank – the whole point of hostels is to avoid that sort of thing.

There are four main Copenhagen hostels in the city, each offering something different for the casual traveler. The most unique hostel in Copenhagen is definitely the Nyhavn Boat Hostel named so because it is, well, a boat. If you ever dreamt of not just sailing the waters surrounding the capital of Denmark, but actually sleeping upon them, well this Copenhagen hostel is for you. The saloon is on the top, the accommodations below deck. That was, at least, you won’t be stumbling upwards after a long night in the boisterous hostel bar.

The poorly named Sleep-in-Heaven is located in the Norrebro neighborhood, and is a little out of the way from the main streets of the city. Many seek out the Sleep-In-Heaven, however, since it is the cheapest hostel in Copenhagen, and has the same laundry list of features that any self-respecting hostel would have, such as a continental breakfast, well-stocked hostel bar, private yards and lounge areas, free internet and large lockers for travelers’ valuables. The only caveat is that you must be between the ages of 16 and 35 to get into the cheapest of Copenhagen Hostels.

The relatively new Danhostel Copenhagen City is not only the best hostel in Copenhagen, it ranks with the best hostels in all of Europe. With 1020 beds available, it is certainly one of the largest – not to mention one of the best values, as anywhere from 4 bed rooms to 10 bed rooms can be purchased for under $30. Rising high above the neighboring buildings and right on the water, the Danhostel Copenhagen City should not be missed if budget travel is in your future. Standing near the Tivoli Gardens and well within walking distance of Central Station, this is also the most centrally located hostel in the city, and there are usually plenty of beds available.

Near the main shopping centers and top nightlife is the Absalon Annex Hostel. This hostel is in the hip Vesterbro neighborhood and is the main hangout of travelers who want to push the limits on what is budget travel. Only slightly less expensive than a cheap Copenhagen hotel, the Absalon Annex is nevertheless consistently booked, so make sure to plan ahead when venturing here. Like most of the city’s lodgings, it is located near the Tivoli Gardens and Royal Theatre Square. Unlike the other Copenhagen hostels, this one features private rooms, and even the most crowded room only contains three beds inside.

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