Copenhagen Hotels

As the cultural, economic and political center of Denmark, Copenhagen has a wealth of hotels to choose from.  Ranging from utilitarian budget fare to five star tourist magnets, you will have no problem finding a Copenhagen hotel to fit your vacation.  The city is nothing if not condensed, so almost all the hotels in Copenhagen are centrally located, and if they are not, they are only a few minutes away from major tourist attractions.  Even the out of the way hotels in Copenhagen, most of them found in the dicey Istedgade area, are just a short bus or subway ride away, if needs be.

The main issue most will have with hotels in Copenhagen are in regards to the prices.  It is said time and again that Denmark is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, and the hotel prices can reflect this economic shift.  Even the cheapest Copenhagen hotel can run you up to $50 or $60 a night. 

If you can, you’ll probably want to stay amidst the crowds of tourists downtown.  Unlike most cities, the area around the city’s main train station is nothing to worry about – the noise from Tivoli Gardens will likely be more of a problem than any unsavory characters hanging outside Copenhagen’s Central Station

Though difficult, bargains can be found when looking for hotels in Copenhagen.  The Admiral is a converted grain warehouse that now features rooms in overlooking Amalienhaven and the rest of the old town.  Don’t expect anything too fancy here, as the high class amenities and other needless superfluities have been excised by the owners.  But if you want great location for a cheap price, and don’t mind the generic stone walls surrounding you, this is the place to stay. 

If you find yourself with a little more cash to throw around, the Strand is located right on Copenhagen’s luxurious harbor, and takes its waterfront standing as excuse to litter the hallways and lobby with all kinds of maritime pictures and artifacts.  If you look outside your window, though, you’ll have little need for these reminders, as the old ships of Nyhavn are well within view.

For those that want cheaper lodgings, head over to the Vesterbro neighborhood in the southwestern corner of the city.  Here you’ll find budget hotels alongside sleepy Copenhagen bed and breakfasts.  The Saga is a study in just how sparse a hotel can be and still bring in business.  The no-frills gimmick seems to work, though, as backpackers flock here like it’s a hostel.  Nearby, the Guldsmeden is one of the best values as far as a Copenhagen bed and breakfast goes.  French-colonial architecture and stucco walls distinguish it from its neighbors.

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