Cruises to Denmark

Pretend you’re a Viking, and (occasionally) see what these marauders first saw hundreds of years ago – the many intricate islands and fascinating windswept scenery are the perfect location for a Scandinavia Cruise.  Though there are some that are only cruises to Denmark, the most popular way to see the area is while touring the entirety of Scandinavia – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, some cruises will also take you off to Iceland, and even the often overlooked Faroe Islands.

The cultural connections between each of these countries is what makes cruises to Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia so gripping – the natural wonders that present themselves blend seamlessly with the rich histories of the area’s cities.  The most popular Scandinavian cruises usually connect the capitals of these countries – you can pick and choose between Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen (though if you want to cruise Scandinavia the right way, you’ll visit all four). 

The rivers and canals snake their way in front of you as tiny villages that appear straight from the 15th century dot the lush green forests as you pass.  These Nordic countries are even more beautiful (and therefore, popular) in the spring and summer, where the blanket of winter is nowhere to be seen.  And while it’s certainly no tropical paradise between May and September, the consistent warmth is a bit surprising.  What isn’t surprising is the availability of cheap Scandinavian cruises or, rather, lack thereof.  Not only is quality of life high here, so are the prices.

The best way to get cheap Scandinavian cruises, then, is to go one of the shorter ones.  Copenhagen to Oslo is exceedingly popular, but a nice tour up and down the Danish and Swedish coastlines leaves nothing to be desired.  Luckily, Copenhagen is the most popular spot for any cheap Scandinavian cruises, so you will have a wide array of options to choose from.

You don’t have to include the other Nordic countries, though – there are more than enough archipelago and picturesque villages to explore during cruises to Denmark.  Options abound for those heading from Copenhagen to Odense and Jutland, or even to the northern tip of Denmark.  For those that prefer a cultural experience to just skimming up and down the water will appreciate the Denmark-only cruises, for it will allow far more immersion into Danish culture than one spread across all of Scandinavia.  For those interested in Legoland in Billund, you can find special cruises from Copenhagen to Billund that include overnight stays in both cities. 



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