Castles in Denmark

The castles in Denmark offer tremendous insight into the history of military fortresses and the history of Europe in general. They also provide visitors with attractive structures to admire, and it's hard not to imagine characters like Hamlet making their way around the ramparts and courtyards. One of the Denmark castles actually served as the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet, and as you can imagine, it sees a great amount of visitors as a result. It's certainly not the only castle worth visiting on a Denmark vacation, however, and you might also make time for the country's wonderful palaces.

One of the best Danish castles that you can visit is Kronborg Slot, or Kronborg Castle. The Danish word slot translates to castle, and it can also mean palace. Set on the island of Zealand near the town of Helsingor, Kronborg Castle is the slot that Shakespeare used as the setting for Hamlet. The nearby town was immortalized as Elsinore as a result of this play. Should you be one of the many Shakespeare fans who are looking for fun things to do in Denmark, you'll be happy to know that both the town and the castle are featured on the popular Hamlet Castle tours that can be arranged in Copenhagen.

Another castle in Denmark that you won't want to miss is Rosenborg Castle. Built in the 1600s by Christian IV, this castle in Copenhagen was a royal residence up until the early 1800s, and it's where you can still find the Danish crown jewels. These days, Rosenborg Castle has the role of a museum, and it is known for its wonderful collection of royal memorabilia, a collection of which features things such as coats of arms and gem-studded crowns.

Frederiksborg Castle also deserves special mention when it comes to the Denmark Castles. Often compared to the Palace of Versailles in France, this elaborate edifice is among the most beautiful castles in Scandinavia. Its beauty has much to do with its lovely red brick exterior and its copper roof. More beauty can be found inside, with areas such as the Great Hall displaying plenty of opulence. The oldest parts of Frederiksborg Castle were built in the mid-1500s, though the majority of the installations were constructed in the 1600s. A fire in the 1800s led to major renovations, and today, this former royal seat is among the best places to delve into the history of Denmark. Found in the heart of Hillerod on the island of Zealand, Frederiksborg Castle houses a national history museum of great interest.

A few other Danish castles warrant a visit if you are interested in history and architecture. Among them is the renowned Egeskov Castle. A gorgeous structure, Egeskov Castle is one of the best preserved Renaissance water castles in all of Europe, and when you're not admiring the castle itself, a stroll among the amazing gardens can be a real treat. Both a moat and a park surround beautiful Egeskov Castle, and housed inside are a number of small museums, including a vintage automobile museum. As such, you can easily spend a few hours at this castle on the island of Funen.

When you're not taking tours of fantastic Danish castles such as these, you might treat yourself to a palace visit. Among the most renowned palaces in this Scandinavian country are Christiansborg Palace and Fredensborg Palace. Christiansborg Palace is found in Copenhagen, and among other things, it is where the Queen receives royal guests. As for Fredensborg Palace, it calls the island of Zealand home and serves as the Danish Royal Family's spring and fall retreat. Both are sprawling compounds that exhibit plenty of beauty, and you can enjoy a tour of each.



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