Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is an interesting archipelago to visit if you are looking to venture off to northern Europe. Located approximately halfway between Scotland and Iceland, these eighteen islands are rocky in nature and offer plenty in the way of scenic allure. Cliffs dominate the coastline and provide splendid vistas. They also provide shelter for wildlife, including the abundant puffins that live in the Faroe Islands. In terms of history, the Faroe Islands were settled by Norsemen in and around the year 800 AD. Their Old Norse language evolved into the modern Faroese language. There are suggestions that Irish monks lived in the Faroe Islands prior to the arrival of the Vikings, though the reliability of such accounts has been disputed. Today, the island group is under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is a self-governing country and is not officially part of the European Union. About half of the 50,000 people who call the Faroe Islands home favor complete independence, while the other half prefer to maintain an alliance with Denmark.

Faroe Island Hotels

Faroe Island Hotels
Faroe Island Hotels

Most Faroe Islands visitors arrive by way of plane. The archipelago’s airport can be found on Vagar Island, so this is the first island that visitors usually see. It is also a common place to stay for a night or more before engaging in some island-hopping. Other major islands in the chain include Eysturoy Island, Suouroy Island, Kalsoy Island, and Streymoy Island. It is worth noting that Streymoy Island is the largest island in the chain and is home to the Faroe Islands capital, Torshavn. Within Torshavn, some of the most popular Faroe Islands hotels can be found. Among these hotels is the Hotel Foroyar, which some consider to be the very best hotel in the Faroes. Complementing the hotels in and around Torshavn are guesthouses, and travelers who are interested in budget-friendly hostels can consider the Hostel Kerjalon. In addition to hotels, the Faroe Islands feature apartment and house rentals, so the lodging options are rather varied.

Things To Do

Things To Do
Things To Do

After fishing, tourism is the second-largest industry in the Faroe Islands. The scenic allure of the landscape is among the main reasons to visit. Ways to take it all in include hiking and boating. In relation to hiking, the terrain offers enough in the way of elevation changes for those who wish to challenge themselves. The highest point in the Faroe Islands archipelago rises to an elevation of 2,883 feet above sea level and can be found in the northern part of Eysturoy. Arguably the most picturesque island in the chain is the southernmost island, Suduroy. It isn’t all about the landscape on Suduroy, however. The island’s people are known to be very open and friendly. In addition to hiking and plying the area waters in a boat, options for things to do in the Faroe Islands include birdwatching, fishing, diving, and surfing.

Outdoor recreation isn’t the only way to stay busy in the Faroes. Museums and art exhibitions can be found around the islands, and the unique culture of the archipelago is interesting on many different levels. If you like to shop, the Faroe Islands have you covered, thanks in part to the archipelago’s galleries, handicrafts, and emerging fashion designers. Music enthusiasts can also find bliss in the Faroe Islands, especially during the summer season when live concerts are in increased supply. Faroe Islands travel packages and tours are available for those who need help building an itinerary. Island hopping is a popular pursuit among tourists, and it should be noted that it is fairly easy to get from one destination to another. The Faroe Islands are well linked via roads, bridges, underwater tunnels, and navigable waterways.

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