Hotels Near Legoland

Hotels near Legoland welcome a lot of tired families after they’ve enjoyed a full day of fun. This theme park in Billund, Denmark, is the original Legoland and one of the top visited places in the country outside of Copenhagen, the capital city. Before the Legoland park opened, people flocked to the factory to see where their favorite blocks were made. In response to the crowds, the park opened in 1968. Ever since then, more than 50 million people have experienced this fun destination—that’s a lot of people who needed Legoland lodging after the sun sets.

Billund Hotels Near Legoland

Billund Hotels Near Legoland
Billund Hotels Near Legoland

Of all the hotels near Legoland, none is closer than the official Hotel Legoland (pictured above). With four stories—and four stars—this hotel has 199 rooms and suites unlike other Denmark hotels. Some of the rooms overlook the park, and all have modern perks including luxury linens and wireless Internet access. Every single one of the rooms have a Lego play table, which guests of all ages just may find fun. The hotel’s restaurants caters to both the kids and adults; young guests will appreciate the meatballs, hot dogs and other kid-friendly dishes on the buffet, while their parents can order more sophisticated dishes a la carte. When it’s time for fun, guests can head right to the theme park, visit the hotel’s playground or stop at one of the fun stations throughout the hotel. There’s really nothing like staying at Hotel Legoland, but yet it provides all the familiar comforts vacationers need.

While Hotel Legoland is an obvious choice for overnight stays, it’s one of many hotels near Legoland. Within five minutes of the park, you’ll have a long list of choices no matter what your style or budget. All of these hotels also are close to Bilund’s international airport and ground transportation, so you won’t have to worry about a lot of time in traffic or complicated directions. Some of the hotels are budget properties, leaving you more money to enjoy Legoland, while others are luxury hotels with elegant decor and numerous ways for their guests to relax.

Camping Near Near Legoland

Camping Near Near Legoland
Camping Near Near Legoland

Not everyone looking for Legoland lodging is thinking about a hotel. When the weather warms up, many vacationers would rather go camping than spend money on a hotel. Others like the camaraderie that comes with staying at a campground—the ease that comes with meeting new people by the campfire. Like the hotels, Bilund campsites are located within minutes of Legoland, meaning you have more time to enjoy the park without needing to spend so much time on the road. Some of the campsites offer more than just a place to pitch a tent; several of the sites have fully equipped chalets and RV sites to rent.

Vacation Rentals Near Legoland

Vacation Rentals Near Legoland
Vacation Rentals Near Legoland

More than a middle ground between a campsite and a hotel, vacation rentals provide a place to stay with style. If you’re looking for Legoland lodging with the comforts of home, you need to put vacation rentals under consideration. Several apartments and vacation homes are available for rent within minutes of Legoland, all at a price that’s comparable to a typical hotel. Besides the obvious perk of more space, you’ll also enjoy a full kitchen, separate bedrooms and everything else you need for a home away from home. Plus, you’re still close to Bilund’s top things to do beyond Legoland, like the Givskund Zoo, Lalandia Water Park, and the Gyttegård golf course.

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