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Odense is a compact city – what open spaces there are in the city are often merely riverbeds and small parks. The uncompromising green betrays Odense’s unfamiliarity with the tourist industry. Most of the town’s buildings are small, mainly housing fisherman and students. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact it"s this old-fashioned sensibility that makes the city an attractive addition to a Danish vacation.  The contrast is even greater if you are travelling from the comparatively bustling Copenhagen.  And though not as immediately accessible as the Danish capital, there are quite a few Denmark hotels that cater to the savvy visitors that seek out this rustic town.

The most popular hotel in Odense is named after the city’s most famous denizen – Hans Christian Anderson. Located in the old part of town, near its namesake’s childhood home, the hotel is often the temporary home of business travelers, meaning it is one of the few Denmark hotels that actually receive less business in the summer – a good thing for the tourist however. The Clarion Hotel Plaza is also located in the old town, and is one of the nicest hotels in the city, and even offering one of Odense’s tastiest restaurants next door.

The City Hotel Odense is a moderately priced lodging that is pedestrian at best, but located right in the center of town, near historic walks and not far from the Odense River. Perfect for those on a budget, Hotel Odense is a more than good enough for someone to use as a base for exploring the city. In fact, if you are looking for a budget hotel Odense is a great place to visit. The Ydes Hotel is small but extremely cheap, featuring hotel stays for hostel prices. The Missionshotellet Ansgar is, as the name might imply, a converted mission, cheap as far as Denmark hotels go and offering one of the more unique stays in town. And while not quite cheap enough to be described as a budget hotel, Odense Congress Hotel is a bit far away from the main drags, but it is a four star hotel at a great value. Like the Hotel Hans Christian Anderson, it is often overrun with business travelers, but they usually have cleared out by summertime.

If you want to travel in style without breaking the bank, there is a charming villa inside city limits called Pjentehus Bed and Breakfast. A steal as far as value goes; it has a relaxing ambiance that fits perfectly with the general atmosphere of this provincial town.  It"s definitely something you won"t find if your travel itinerary only includes Copenhagen, anyway.



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