Peder Hvitfeldt Straede

Just south of Rosenborg Castle, beneath the shadow of the Copenhagen Cathedral, you’ll find Peder Hvitfeldts Straede. One of the essential entries in any Copenhagen shopping guide, this street has it all – a familiar mix of both traditional Denmark gifts and the sort of strip mall type atmosphere you’d expect from an American or British shopping area. In fact, about half of the shops and eateries here cater to foreign shoppers and Copenhagen’s high ex-pat community, offering a vast array of British, Irish and American cuisine, perfect for those beginning to get a bit homesick, or just want a McDonald’s hamburger.

But it isn’t all just giant corporations who set up shop along Peder Hvitfeldts Straede. It is, after all, it the midst of Copenhagen’s old town, just a few blocks away from rustic, Renaissance era sights like the Round Tower. And while this might not be the most visually stunning example of Denmark shopping, its cosmopolitan appeal and central location that makes transportation a non-issue helps make this street one of the more popular areas to get in the shopping mood. Devoid of the pretensions of the shops and eateries down along Stroget (by Central Station, the surrounding streets are often the main focus of a Copenhagen shopping guide), Peder Hvitfeldts can be a welcoming addition to a day tour of Copenhagen, a nice place to rest, a small pocket of space that somewhat resembles home.

While it is not the highest class place to get Denmark gifts, one of the requirements of shopping abroad in major tourist areas is the ability to weed out the good from the bad. At least here, hidden away from the main shops in the city’s southern reaches, you can find a wider range of prices for anything from Danish furniture and ceramics, to the amber jewelry that the capital is famous for. For these alone, Peder Hvitfeldts is a necessary stop on any Denmark shopping tour. Here you’ll also find all kinds of Viking stylized goods, from the chintzy necklaces to exquisite designer pieces that look as if they were crafted 1000 years ago. Antique shops seem ubiquitous in any Copenhagen shopping guide, and Peder Hvitfeldts Straede is no different. Though lacking the selection of other areas in the city, there are, as always, bargains to be had.

And even if this is not your idea of Denmark shopping, as the day winds down the street and its surrounding area comes alive with nightlife, enhanced by the many pubs and other bars that surround and infiltrate the shops and restaurants along Peder Hvitfeldts. If you have any desire to grab an imported beer or catch a football game from home, this is one of your best bets in all of Denmark.



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