Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival 2022 is one of the most important rock and contemporary music festivals in Europe and one of Denmark's biggest events.

Roskilde Festival History and Facts

This festival began in 1971 by two high school students who were inspired by Woodstock, held in that New York State town in 1969. The Roskilde Festival in Scandinavia is held in the ancient Viking town of Roskilde, which is located about twenty miles west of the Danish capital of Copenhagen. The first couple decades saw mainly Scandinavian and northern Europe attendees, but it became a true international event when cutting-edge acts began performing in the mid-1990s. Performers from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley and Coldplay to Black Sabbath have headlined.

It was the Roskilde Festival in Scandinavia that caused a sea change in concert and festival safety throughout Europe after an accident in 2000 that saw nine attendees suffocated to death during a surge towards the stage where Pearl Jam was performing. The famed Glastonbury Festival in England actually cancelled its 2001 festival in order to review and revamp its safety measures. While this tragedy did not occur in the camping area, this is one place where the safety measures are most visible.

Tickets to Roskilde Festival

Access to the Roskilde Festival 2022 campsite is included in the ticket price. The ticket price and camping concession fees support an entire festival fire department, radio station, and daily newspaper, as well as the staff required to oversee safety and first aid. If you add the 80,000 or so festival attendees, 20,000 or so volunteers, 180 or so bands and 3,000 or so artists to the few thousand media people, more than 100,000 people participate in the festival. Tickets for the Roskilde Festival in Scandinavia go on sale in December. You can buy a ticket for the entire festival or just a day ticket. These are generally for those who either do not have the time for the entire duration or just want to see a certain performer or act.

Directions to Roskilde Festival

There is public bus and train transportation from Copenhagen, which has service to the festival train station. Unless you are coming by motorcycle or in your approved camper vehicle, train transportation is highly recommended. It is as efficient as just about everything else at the festival and in Scandinavia in general.

Camping at Roskilde Festival

In the tradition of great music and summer festivals, the Roskilde Festival 2022 provides camping for more than 75,000 attendees. Almost 200 acres are set aside in a highly organized manner creating a number of "mini cities." The entire area is divided into "neighborhoods" and watched over by staffed towers that scan for fire, theft, accident, and other dangers. The towers also serve as orientation landmarks and everything is laid out in sections divided by "roads" used for fire and other emergency vehicle access. There are "agoras," market centers with laundry facilities, showers, food and drinks concessions, Internet cafes, and other facilities. One section has a cinema; another section is the "quiet" zone where silence is required after dark (no loud parties). There is a section reserved for campers and recreational vehicles and a section for those who arrive on motorcycles. If you are not camping, then you will want to check out the many Copenhagen hotels.

Image: Klavs Bo Christensen / Rockphoto
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