Shopping in Denmark

Shopping in Denmark is always a double-edged sword – it’s no secret the prices are high, but the quality of craftsmanship is often beyond compare. The Danish, like their Nordic compatriots, are world famous when it comes to furniture. It was out of this industry that Denmark found its defining export – the Lego block. One of the world’s premier toys for children of all ages, they are popular enough to warrant their own theme park.

Outside of the furniture, some of the tops gifts made in Denmark are their wide array of ceramics. Royal Copenhagen Porcelain is one of the most famous ceramic studios in the world, but there are plenty of smaller studios scattered throughout the country, many of them producing pieces of equal, if not greater, quality.

When talking about shopping in Denmark, most of your conversation will revolve around Copenhagen. As the most cosmopolitan city in Denmark, shopping Copenhagen is therefore a mishmash of styles and cultures, the best examples of Danish goods from all across the country gathered in the capital. The main shopping district is centered around Stroget, one of the most popular walkways throughout the city. Shopping Copenhagen is a bust if you pass up these streets, with their casual mixes of department stores and aged specialty shops. One thing you won’t see much of when seeking gifts made in Denmark is a lot of shopping malls – they are the exception rather than the rule, even when browsing the streets of Copenhagen.

Peder Hvitfeldt street is another area to focus on shopping in Denmark, as it a busy neighborhood market where you can find all kinds of regional gifts that might not make their way into the usual shopping districts, not to mention a fine array of traditional Danish food on display for when you get hungry.

The streets around Vestergade are some of the main thoroughfares for shopping Copenhagen. Here you’ll find a mix of secondhand thrift stores back to back with pricy novelty shops, fancy boutiques and a collection of high-end cafes for your perusal. Though not the fashion capital like Paris or Milan, you’ll find plenty of sophisticated clothing stores that feature similar styles while shopping in Denmark.

Danes have a fondness for the past, and the numerous antique shops speak to their nostalgia. Copenhagen is especially packed with them, from top of the line restored antiques to those attempting to do business on the sidewalk. They have wildly different wares on sale, and if antiques are your thing, this is where you want to be. Another throwback to the past is the numerous shops that sell replica Viking jewelry along with other items of the same ilk. Jewels made of amber and silver are especially popular here.

Denmark currency is the Kroner, and its exchange rate is closely linked with the movement of the Euro. And while this usually does not result in any reasonable kind of bargain hunting, that doesn’t mean that shopping in Denmark is a lost cause. It just means that you’ll have to be more selective, but you were going to do that anyway, weren’t you?

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