Things To Do In Copenhagen

Denmark is famous for many things, from stylish castles to Viking remains to scenic fjords and golden beer. Though difficult to boil the country down into a compact list, here are a few Denmark tourist attractions that are a cut above the ordinary. See the crown jewels at Rosenborg castle.

It’s hard to get away from the castles – Copenhagen tours pretty much require you to pass at least one or two. And while there are plenty to choose from, it’s no secret why Rosenborg Castle is one of the top Denmark tourist attractions. Both opulent and stately, the real draw is the royal collection strewn throughout the many chambers and ballrooms.

Visit the sandy Skagen beaches

Beaches might not be the first thing you think of when considering Denmark tourist attractions, but the ones located in the Skagen area along the northwestern side are among the country’s best. Gulf streams keep the air fairly warm, even in the winter months, and the beaches range from the heavily populated to the heavily secluded.

Eat at Tyenkokkenhanskoneoghendeselsker

Though one does not always think of Denmark as synonymous with fine food, the chefs at this ridiculously named restaurant (named after the film “The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and Her Lover), not only purvey a variety of wonderful dishes, they are never afraid to experiment with them either. Delightfully odd combinations (such as fish and coffee sauce) make eating here one of the top things to do in Copenhagen.

See the Remains of Viking Ships at the Viking Ship Museum

This museum has five restored Viking ships that were sunk in the fjords of Roskilde hundreds of years ago. Discovered in 1957, great pains were taken to restore them, and the results prove that the Vikings were innate shipbuilders who took to their craft with great precision and skill.

Rock out at the Roskilde Festival

Music fans will want to make the pilgrimage to this summer festival, where top rock bands from all over the world come to play to you and 90,000 of your closest friends.

Tour the Carlsberg brewery

The Danes consume more beer, on average, than any other country in the world. So it just makes sense to add a visit to their most famous brewery onto your list of things to do in Copenhagen.

Ride the Roller Coaster at Bakken

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen gets all the recognition, but Bakken can rightfully take its place as one of the top Denmark tourist attractions. Just nine miles away, it can be an easy addition to most Copenhagen tours, and you can see the oldest amusement park in the world. The rides and atmosphere almost seem to be purposefully the opposite of Tivoli – less flashing lights and devoid of the tourist traps of the Copenhagen park, Bakken is simply unpretentious fun.

Play with Legos at Legoland

Not just kids will enjoy this theme park consisting of 45 million interconnected blocks. One of the most popular Denmark tourist attractions, Legoland is located in the otherwise small town of Billund.

Egeskov castle

Not too many people make it out to Kvaerndrup, on the island of Fyn, but those that do are certainly going to see this castle. Dominating the rolling countryside, Egeskov Castle is surrounded by all kinds of moats and styles of gardens, from renaissance to English and many others.

Stroll through Nyhavn

Take a walk (or bike, if you want to look like a local) along the harbor front neighborhood that is the staple of most Copenhagen tours. It’s a rich mix of an old sailor’s haunts and new and updated storefronts, and the shimmering sun on the harbor will add all the vitamin D you need to enjoy the well-preserved harbor.

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