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Almost every description you will hear of Copenhagen will make some mention about how walkable the city is, how most locals and tourists get around by foot or by bike.  Thus, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of Copenhagen tours that will lead you through the city’s aging and crooked streets, taking you past shimmering castles, strange towers and oblique canals.  Sightseeing Copenhagen Denmark is a less than imposing task, though many will still prefer the historic context that comes from a guided tour.

Copenhagen day tours are extremely easy on the legs, and prevalent throughout the city.  Unlike other European capitals, seeing the city in one day is a perfectly reasonable goal.  Since most of the city’s main sights are centrally located, a simple walk from Kastellet down to Tivoli Gardens will cover most of what the majority of tourists seek out in the city.  Depending on how long you wish to wander the corridors of the city’s many museums or gaze up at the castles of Amalienborg or Rosenborg will be the deciding factor in how long it takes to traverse the city.

Copenhagen day tours can also be manipulated to focus on each of the city’s main neighborhoods.  Shopping down at Stroget, before heading to the art galleries at Ny Carlsburg Glyptotek and ending the day exploring Tivoli Gardens would be a fine example on how to spend a day touring just a single neighborhood - in this case Vesterbro.  But since Copenhagen is such a condensed city, this might prove unnecessary. 

Sightseeing Copenhagen Denmark, like any city, is usually best done on your own.  Copenhagen day tours might be beneficial if you have a limited time within the city, however.  A sample itinerary for Copenhagen day trips might appear something like this: From Tivoli Gardens, east to Christiansborg Castle, north to Royal Theatre Square, and then the major sights: Amalienborg Palace, Gefion Fountain, the Little Mermaid and the Kastellet before doubling back south to find Rosenborg Castle and the Round Tower.  Though it may sound like an daunting trip, in reality Copenhagen tours such as this one might last a half day, maybe a little more.  Of course, this is assuming only a cursory stop at each of these major tourist attractions, something the savvy traveler will probably want to avoid.

Extended Copenhagen day trips are also readily available through major tour groups – in order to get the best price possible, you’ll probably want to book one ahead of time.  Sightseeing Copenhagen Denmark might be easy, but it’s also very popular.  The extended summer hours of most attractions (not to mention the steady 18 hours of daylight in July and August) make whisking your way through the city’s streets an easier task, not to mention less crowded. 

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