Like most European countries, a huge portion of travelers navigate Denmark by train. And why not? The Denmark train system is certainly extensive and timely. You can easily connect between cities both major and minor, despite the paths being blocked by plenty of pesky canals and waterways. Still, a rental car in Denmark is consistently growing as the preferred method of transportation throughout the country.

As soon as you get off the plane at Copenhagen Airport transportation is key. There are trains and shuttles that will take you immediately into town, as well as a couple rows of companies offering a rental car in Denmark. All the usual suspects feature car rental in Copenhagen, including some Danish car rental companies offering competitive (and usually superior) prices. If you are planning just a few days in the major cities, or sticking to just a single island, the rental car is not a necessity, as transportation between these Denmark train stations are consistent throughout the day.

A car rental in Copenhagen is just going to be a hassle in comparison with walking, biking or the subway. A car rental in Copenhagen is also going to be significantly more expensive than simple train travel, and that’s not even counting the cost of fuel. Most of the city"s best things to do and see are within easy walking distance of each other, particularly the main tourist thoroughfares like Stroget, or the streets connecting Rosenborg Castle to Tivoli Gardens. Walking tours of Copenhagen habitually last three or four hours to see the main sights, so use that to help judge whether you want to rent a car or bike, or to hop on a bus or train.

But if you plan an extensive tour of the Danish countryside and the northern, fjord-ridden coastlines of the north, a rental car in Denmark is probably the best idea (unless you are unable to drive a stick shift, in which case you are simply out of luck).

The perceived knock against Denmark train travel is that it is slower than many other European nations. But that can also be seen as a benefit, a chance to bask in the rich countryside without worry. Another way to see the country is probably the least time efficient – boat travel. Though most people stepping onto a ship are doing so as part of a Denmark cruise, boat rental is not unheard of - though clearly not for the sailing novice. It’ll also take a bit more effort to find a good price, though the Copenhagen tourist information booth in Central Station usually has some helpful hints.

Transportation in Denmark, no matter what the means, is far more leisurely than other European cities. The crazy drivers that inhabit the roads of places like Paris and Rome are thankfully absent, as are the speed freaks from Germany’s Autobahn. The trains are dependable, if not efficient. And bikes are exceedingly popular - if you have the leg strength, you should probably just do as the locals do.



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