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Estonia hotels have grown as the country has become an increasingly popular tourist destination following independence in 1991. Improved transportation, both by air and by sea, has made the northern European country accessible to travelers, and this growing demand has resulted in the development of Estonian tourism on all fronts. There are many hotels to choose from when you arrive in this region of the Baltics, at all price points. The desirability of Estonia and its capital city of Tallinn has resulted in the development of a variety of luxury properties. While these luxury hotels in Estonia aren’t outrageously expensive, guests can expect to spend top dollar for top quality. Unlike other places formerly controlled by the Soviet Union, Estonia has emerged with a strong economy and the prices to match.

Estonia accommodation can be found throughout the country. Whether you’re planning a trip to enjoy the fourteenth-century churches of Tallinn, a hiking trip through the national parks, or a relaxing seaside holiday, there are Estonia hotels to complement your trip. The popularity of the country in general means that you will want to book in advance, especially if you have specific needs or requests. This is especially true during times of heavy travel or festivals; for example, in August the seaside town of Haapsalu, which is also known for its spas, hosts an annual music festival that attracts a variety of visitors.

The capital city of Tallinn has one of the best selections of luxury hotels in Estonia. Factors such as location, group of people traveling, and size will all influence your decision, but these properties are all known for providing world-class service. One option in the old town of Tallinn is Hotel Schlossle. Of all the luxury hotels in Estonia, this one offers a real historical experience. Located just steps from the old square, guests are sure to be impressed with its gothic architecture, limestone stairways, and sun-drenched courtyard. A small property with only 23 rooms, this four-star hotel provides an intimate and romantic experience in the capital city.

Other luxury Estonia accommodation in Tallinn is Hotel St. Petersbourg (pictured). Original commissioned in the fifteenth century by a wealthy Russian merchant, the opulence of the building survives through today. Antique furnishings, a traditional Estonian sauna, and close proximity to the old town square are all highlights of this property. Also small in size, at 27 rooms, this four-star hotel offers the chance to explore the enchanting city of Tallinn by foot. Theaters, restaurants, and galleries are all a short walk over cobbled streets from the doors of the hotel. Complete with a Russian restaurant, this hotel is a favorite in the capital.

The best hotel in Estonia for your vacation depends on your desires. Some travelers look for quiet, charming accommodation along the seaside while others want to check in to Estonia hotels that are close to the nightlife. The islands, coastline, and national parks all offer choices that can come together to form a tour of this beautiful country. While budget properties can be found, they aren’t as numerous as some travelers might expect, as a certain price level is maintained across the board, on everything from Estonia accommodation to food and drink to entertainment. So bring a little extra money, and enjoy spending it on the quality you’re sure to find in this Baltic nation.

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