Haapsalu Estonia

Haapsalu Estonia is a seaside town on the west coast of the country and a perennially popular destination among travelers. For centuries, people have planned travel to Haapsalu for its peaceful atmosphere, mud with healing powers, and spa hotels. Located on a peninsula that stretches into Haapsalu Bay, the town has an old section where quaint wooden houses line the narrow streets. Great sunsets, healing spa treatments, and a striking castle all make visiting this Baltic city in Estonia worthwhile. Some travelers choose to travel to Haapsalu as part of a tour of the neighboring islands or natural parks.

Haapsalu Estonia can be reached by bus or ferry. From the capital city of Tallinn, Haapsalu is only an hour and a half by bus. There are more than fifteen daily buses connecting Tallinn and Haapsalu, and from the seaside resort, it is possible to reach other destinations along the coast. Ferries arrive in a town near Haapsalu, called Rohukula, and connect the town to other popular destinations including Hiiumaa and Vormsi. Once you’ve arrived in the town, a favorite pastime is renting a bicycle to enjoy the views. This is one of the most pleasant ways to see the town.

If you’re looking for a hotel in Haapsalu, there are a few modest choices. The peaceful seaside town isn’t known for luxury options, but it does have a few spa hotels. The mud in Haapsalu Estonia has been known for centuries for its curative powers, and staying at a hotel in Haapsalu will give you the opportunity to give the mud baths a try. The powers of the mud is believed to be so great, that the mud is actually exported to other areas of Estonia and used in their spas. The first mud cure resort was founded in the early nineteenth century, and Russian royalty flocked to the shores to experience it for themselves.

For a break from the sun and relaxation, some visitors explore the Haapsalu Estonia museum or galleries. The main attraction however is the thirteenth century castle. It took three centuries to complete the building of the castle, and it was damaged over the years and during conflicts. Also home to a cathedral, this castle complex is a popular tourist attraction. While most people travel to Haapsalu for relaxation, peace, and curative mud treatments; there is also a lot of history and culture to discover.

There is one time a year where booking a hotel in Haapsalu will be difficult: each August when the White Lady Days Music Festival takes place. If you’re interested in attending the festival, it is important to book ahead, or you might find yourself staying in a nearby town or island. Focusing on blues music, this festival is an annual highlight. For shoppers, the town has become recognized for the quality of their handmade shawls, as local women show an age-old craft with the shawls they display at shops in town. A promenade around the bay is also a popular place to go for walks and enjoy the sunset. Travelers arrive for spa treatments and are surprised by all that Haapsalu has to offer.

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