Camping in Finland

Enjoying the outdoor life while camping in Finland is a joy for those who like to be close to nature, and since there are 330 campsites in Finland, you won’t likely have trouble finding a spot to claim. The various campsites in Finland are set in scenic locales that are often close to water, be it a river, a lake, or the Baltic Sea. What this means is that while you are camping, you can often enjoy some fishing and canoeing on the side. Cooking the catch of the day over your campfire is a joy all its own, and hopefully come nightfall, you’ll be treated to a viewing of the Northern Lights.

When thinking about camping in Finland, it helps to know when to go. Since Finland experiences low wintertime temperatures, winter is not generally a good season for camping, unless you rent a cabin or bring a really good sleeping bags. The peak season for camping in Finland starts in mid-June and lasts until early September, so you might stick to those months. If you do, however, it’s a good idea to reserve your spot at one of the Finnish campsites just to be on the safe side. Some 70 campsites in Finland are open year round, so if you really like to camp and can handle the weather, then you won’t have to worry as much about when to go. You will have to pay a fee to camp in Finland, and the price goes up if you decide to book a cabin or caravan tent, which many people do. Though camping in Finland is relatively expensive, it saves you money on a hotel room, unless you plan on staying at Finnish hostels. More often than not, the standard camping fee not only gets you a spot, but also an all-important tent and a motorhome hookup if you need it.

Since there are so many campsites in Finland, you can surely find one to suit your tastes and preferences. One of the most popular Finnish campsites can be found near the coastal city of Turku. The Yyteri campsite offers not only basic sites, but also cabins and huts that you can rent. Helping to make Yyteri a top Finnish camp destination is the fact that it is close to a scenic and sandy beach on the Baltic Sea. The cottages here are quite nice, featuring TVs, bathrooms, private saunas, and kitchen facilities, so you’re not exactly rouging it when you book one. The experience is also a cozy one at the Imatra Ukonniemi campsite in southeastern Finland. There are 42 cottages that you can rent at this site on scenic Lake Saimmaa, which just happens to be an ideal lake for summertime Finland cruises, so you can enjoy one on the side. Besides offering two saunas on the beach, this site also offers proximity to a spa.

Also found in southeastern Finland, and closer to Helsinki, is the Top Camping Tykkimaki site. Considered by some to be among the best Finnish campsites, it features a lovely beach on the Baltic, a traditional Finnish sauna, and very close proximity to the Tykkimaki Amusement Park. Families will certainly want to consider Tykkimaki when looking to enjoy a Finnish camp getaway, as there is also a cafeteria where you can enjoy snacks and sit-down meals. There are cottages and huts for rent here, and they are quite high on amenities as well. Of course, you don’t have to rent a cottage if you prefer to enjoy a more authentic experience in a tent.

Not all Finnish camp areas are found in the south. In Lapland, the Wild Lapland resort in Tervola provides visitors with an array of lodging choices, including campsites. When camping here, you can rent a tent, a cottage, a room, or a caravan unit. Rates include a fishing license, which is convenient as you will need one to do any fishing in Finland. Free showers are available to those who camp here, and you can book interesting tours, such as birding safaris, fishing excursions, and hiking trips. Most campsites in Finland offer an array of activities, whether onsite or nearby, so you won’t find it hard to keep busy.

One thing that will benefit you should you plan to camp during your Finland vacation is a Camping Card Scandinavia, which you can buy at the first Finland campsite that you visit. It doesn’t cost a lot and entitles you to discounts and special services at the numerous Finnish campsites across the country, not to mention campsites in the other Scandinavian countries, which are Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. An international camping card will also get you discounts at the Finnish campsites, so you can use one of those as well if you already have one or were thinking about getting one. They are offered by the Federation International Camping and Caravanning organization, which is abbreviated FICC.

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